sheets for full bed

Now they sell sheets in the size full/queen. In other words, they stopped making full-size sheets and if you have a full-size mattress you will have all this wrinkly (wrinkley?) extra material. This really sucks.

I know, everyone has queen- or king-sized beds. And everyone is obsessed with sex. This makes no sense to me. If you have a huge bed you can’t find the other person. What is wrong with people? Are they all afraid to touch their spouses?

:dubious: Well, I have a full size bed and I would really prefer a queen size bed. Not for sex, as you so bluntly put it, but for sleeping. Both of us like to stretch out and sleep and there’s really not enough room in a full-size bed. Especially as we get older and my once-perfect sleeping habits get more iffy and less perfect.

I’m not sure why you think that having a larger bed (or not) has anything to do with an obsession with sex.

I’ll agree with you that not finding full size sheets sucks, though.

Eh? No full size sheets? has buckets of 'em - in thread counts from 250 to 600.

Huh? I see full-sized (or double) sheets all the time in the stores.

And honestly, I think a smaller bed is more conducive to intimacy than a larger one. In our king-sized bed we have to stretch just to hold hands! :slight_smile:

Recently bought a set from Target and saw the same thing. In fact …

The “size” drop-down control lists King, Queen, and Full. Plus something called “California King” …

I have a queen, and I’d prefer a king. I can’t sleep with anyone touching me, or breathing on me, or even too *near * me. As for “intimacy”, I maintain that it’s not an inherently good thing. Cellmates have all sorts of intimacy. Intimacy is nice when I *want * it.

My daughter has a full sized bed, and I’ve never had a problem finding sheets for it. Any department store should have them.

Are you kidding? You must live in a world where no one sweats and no one is ever cold. And everyone is of average size. And no one snores. And everyone goes to bed and falls asleep at the same time. And no one is ever too tired for sex or has a headache or is crabby.

King and Queen sized beds don’t have individual cubbies, you know. You can meet up in the middle, do your thing and roll apart for some quality sleep. Or you can always sleep in the middle, right on top of your SO, every night for the rest of your lives. At least if you have a desire to not be on top of one another, the option is there with a king or queen mattress.