Shellfish, Deep Fryers, and Allergies

A question arose at work the other day…(I work for a restaurant)

If someone was allergic to shellfish, would they become ill from eating french fries cooked in a 350 degree oil fryer that had previously cooked shrimp?

My thinking is probably not, because I believe the heat would completely denature the proteins that are actually responsible for triggering allergy attacks.


Yes, they could become ill. If they are hypersensitvie enough it could even kill them.

If someone says they are allergic to fish, and the deep fryer has been used to cook fish since the last time it was drained and cleaned, advise them of this fact and suggest they avoid anything cooked in the deep fryer. They will probably thank you for the information.

Yes, it’s tad excessive, but you’re in the business to feed people, not make them ill. Don’t take chances with your customers’ health. As a food allergic, I only patronize restaurants where they actually give a darn about whether I’m alive and well enough to come back for more.

(I come from a family riddled with food allergies. My niece has been in the hospital more than once due to such low-level food contamination)

By the way - do you need to know the signs/symptoms of an allergic food reaction?