Shemar Moore's acting is inversely proportionate to his beauty.

He’s nothing less than cartoonishly beautiful.

And the same can be said for his acting: cartoonish.

Make him go away. He’s ruining Criminal Minds.

KInd of late to the party aren’t you? He’s been on the show for 5 years now.

Per his wiki he’s 40 years old! If nothing else he takes care of himself.

Maybe. Haven’t seen him on Criminal Minds, but I thought he was decent on Birds of Prey.

Then again, I might have been distracted by all his shirtless scenes…

He may be the weak acting link on Criminal Minds but that’s why he doesn’t do the heavy verbal lifting, just the heavy physical lifting. Every ensemble of “we fight crime” has to have one. Off of the top of my head I could name a half dozen actors in primetime ensemble casts who are considerably less believable in the non-physical side of things than Moore.

He is, indeed, a very pretty man

They got Eddie Winslow to replace him on the Young and the Restless. That just feels weird. Grandma’s soap stars aren’t supposed to be replaced by people from real television!