Sherlock Holmes vs. the cast of CSI

Sherlock Holmes: master of disguise, observation, and deductive reasoning


the cast of CSI and their high-tech trickery
Which one solves the crime?

Damn, I was hoping you were proposing a full-on no-holds-barred fight between a CSI cast transported back to a (Hollywood version) fog-filled London and a cocaine-frenzied Holmes.

Depends on the field of battle. In the fog-filled London with nothing but what you can get from the apothecary, Holmes wipes them out. In Las Vegas with the whole chemistry and micro-everything lab, it’s even. On the show, they always find the bad guy, but that’s just TV–in reality there isn’t always a clear-cut path to the perp. Holmes, on the other hand, is not limited to TV type thinking.

As to the grudge/cage match, Holmes (who gets Watson to even the odds) takes it 2 falls out of 3. Watson will distract them while Holmes does the “Londoner Nerve Pinch” and puts them down one at a time.

Well, Marg Helgenberger and Jorja Fox look way better in miniskirts than Holmes and Watson ever could.

Well, Watson, at least.

Fog-filled London - Holmes every time

Vegas - CSI bunnies take it, Holmes’ enquiring mind is too easily distracted by all the scientific advances - he’s got no work ethic - don’t forget he’s an Amateur sleuth; he’s only in it for amusement and intellectual stimulation.
And if he discovers the modern variations on cocaine – free-basing, crack – then it’s “Yo, Holmes, game over!”
Holmes, ok the CSI crew has the numbers and Watson is a bumbling butterball (even in the books he has a nasty war-wound IIRC). But I reckon Holmes fights dirtier than a cornered pole-cat, (watch him smash that fiddle and turn it into a garrotte) and coke gives him inhuman strength – a “Torn-cape Holmes” if you will.