sherlock series 3

filming has begun.

the apartment has been dressed. the first episode is called “the empty hearse.”

the reunion scene should be interesting. i wonder if john will target someone’s nose or teeth this time.

i was relieved to see that the coat survived the fall. i kept chanting “not the coat” “not the coat” “take the coat off before you jump” “noooooooooooo.”

little rubber balls are very handy for giving blood, as well as pulse suppression.

You know my methods, Watson.

Yay! We just finished watching the last episode of Series Two, and I’m jonesing bad, man! I’m constantly in awe at the quality of programming that the BBC keeps putting out (my other favourite show is “Misfits”).

My best friend said that the first thing John and Sherlock are going to do is kiss.
I don’t think that’s going to happen.

“We’re not…oh, forget it.”

I think I read somewhere recently that Series 4 has also been greenlit, but that may have been unofficial and premature.

Found this show a month or so back and I’m already eagerly awaiting the next series.

“I always hear ‘Punch me in the face’ when you’re speaking but it’s usually subtext.”

Any word on when it will be shown? Will it be shown in the UK first or shown on BBC America at the same time? I can’t wait!

there are murmurs of dec. or jan for bbc. no murmurs on when pbs will show.

talk is that they will film epi 1 and 2. then a bit of a break for freeman to do hobbity things, then epi 3.

bc and mf are signed up for series 4, and bbc would be daft not to green light it.

data point: Misfits isn’t a BBC show (Channel 4).

Fwiw, the drama output on British TV this past couple of months has been awesome - at least 5 stations really hitting form at once.

It’s been a good run hasn’t it. Did you watch Utopia?

Trying to catch up with that in particular. That’s the big miss for me, atm.

But yes, drama-wise a hell of a run, and great to see C4 back on form.

Estimated airing time in the UK: around Christmas. Masterpiece is the US co-producer, so it shows on PBS stations in the US–not BBCamerica. There’s generally quite a delay; Downton Series 4 will premiere on Masterpiece next January, that’s one reason to put Sherlock off. (And a reason many US Sherlock fans own all-region DVD players.)

The fastest way to watch it legally in America is to preorder the DVDs from AmazonUK. They have them ready to ship as soon as the last episode is aired. I got mine trans-Atlantically 5 days after The Reichenbach Fall aired in Britain. If you wait for PBS it’s very hard to remain unspoiled and there’s scenes missing.

Plus I want to give my financial support to something so well done.

I’d have thought the fastest legal way was with a VPN i.e. live or on an iPlayer immediately after transmission: £5 a month, what’s not to like …

The VPN is not, strictly speaking, legal for US watchers. When streaming a BBC show “live”–a message comes up reminding you that only UK license holders are allowed to do so. If the VPN is working OK, apparently you could go ahead & watch it. Using the iPlayer later produces no such message–& iPlayer viewings count when they calculate the ratings.

So I don’t feel that guilty about using iPlayer. But I do buy the DVD’s ASAP–if I truly love a show & want its creators to continue creating.

For something like Downton Abbey, I read the reviews & the snarky comments at UK sites. But have no need to actually see the thing until it shows up on PBS. (With added scenes last series!)


Did you watch The Challenger on BBC 2 last night? William Hurt, playing Richard Feynman, about the inquiry into the shuttle disaster, co-produced by the Open University (!)

Well worth a watch for all the geeky US posters in BBC threads who have magical access to such things. :wink:

Mr. Cumberbatch ought to be doing hobbity things as well (don’t tell Sam!) He’s meant to be playing the Necromancer/Sauron in Hobbit movies along with Mr. Freeman.

And Smaug.

They all fit into the category of, “Really good shows with really thick accents” to me. :slight_smile: