Sherlock series 2, U.S. airing [open spoilers]

The Brits all saw this a few months ago, but it’s just now airing in the U.S. on PBS.

Loved this – way sexy chemistry between Irene and Sherlock. Lots of great moments.

The phone rang at an inopportune moment (with a wrong number, grr!) – why was Sherlock naked in Buckingham Palace?

He simply refused to put on the clothes that they brought from his apartment until Mycroft made him.

I loved it although I thought Sherlock saving Irene at the very end was a little over the top–he’s not Iron Man and I liked the idea of Irene being forever inaccessible, either via a happy marriage in the original or being shot/in Witness Protection.

Okay, why was he naked in his apartment?

Think it is to show how queer and strange Sherlock is

It’s not odd to be naked in your own home.

And an Englishman’s home is his castle.

I’ve edited the thread title to note that there are open spoilers. Mehitabel, f’rinstance, in the second post… I’ve also added spoiler tags to that post.

The first episode was perhaps the best TV I have seen in years.

I assumed that

It was just a fantasy of his.

A great episode.

I agree that the ending was a bit over the top, but overall Sherlock is one of the best-written shows on TV. It’s such a treat to watch.

And it kills me that they only do three episodes a year. Three!

I respectfully disagree.

spoiler Being able to fantasize/envision an solution but then not carry it out would be more frustrating and painful for Sherlock than facing the truth that the terrorists really killed her.
(2) The Chekovian gun was put on the wall when Mycroft assured Watson in the cafe that Adler was truly dead, as it would have taken Sherlock to fake her death under the circumstances.[/spoiler]
As an aside, one of the funnier things in this episode was how people would address Mycroft as simply “Holmes,” Sherlock would answer, and then the person would tell him that he/she meant Mycroft. Adler did it, but IIRC someone else did too.

I agree with you, but it took me some time to reach that conclusion.

At first, I thought it was her fantasy that he would save her at the last minute. Then, I thought it was showing him thinking that that was her fantasy. Finally, I came to terms with the fact that sometimes what a TV program shows you is meant to be taken at face value.

It’s not a fantasy.

How would he know she was being beheaded if he wasn’t there? Mycroft and Watson didn’t tell him, and he might have deduced from Watson that he knew she was dead, but didn’t know the the details.

I’m a bit confused about the scene just before the Masterpiece Theater credits. We has just seen the DVD that morning to get ready, but switched a bit late and wasn’t sure if it was the final scene of “The Great Game” or the teaser intro to the new episode. As cliffhanger resolutions go, it was something of a false gotcha.


They carefully opened the closet door in the dark house where the monster dwelled.
Suddenly something sprang out of the darkness.
End chapter
Chapter next.
“Why it’s fido! What were you doing in there, buddy?”

Since the thread title specifies open spoilers, there’s no need to use spoiler boxes.

Largely, because he couldn’t be bothered to get dressed. Sherlock tends to stop doing everything when he’s bored into oblivion – not just normal things, like going out to St. Bart’s to beat corpses, but basic things, like not flouncing around the house in his dressing gown at all hours of the day and night. :smiley:

He was sitting naked but for a bedsheet in the Palace in a fit of pique, because his brother told him to go and he didn’t want to. And probably because the actor has loads of female fans.

Yeah, I’ll admit I had no particular *objection *to seeing Benedict Cumberbatch with a sheet around his loins.

I enjoyed the episode, but I was bothered by Sherlock not paying attention to Adler which allowed her the chance to inject whatever drug into him. I wouldn’t have minded if he was just temporarily outsmarted and that allowed her to get her phone and get away, but it was stupid to not pay attention to her after she said she’d rather die then lose her phone.

Also after watching the episode, I was bothered by the “Bond Plane” plan: [ul]
[li]It’s true that the plan would prevent the deaths of a bunch of airplane passengers. But I’m pretty sure it would still succeed in terrorism and cause some panic in the rest of the UK (and America and other countries) and maybe temporarily shut down the airports from fears of further terrorism. [/li][li]I remember after 9/11 there being a lot of sad stories in the media about the victims in the planes and towers and the Pentagon. Who would the government say were on the 007 plane? If they released the names of the corpses, then the families would say about how their family members had actually died in other ways before the bombing. [/li][li]Also it just seems like too large of a number of people would have to be involved for the conspiracy to work. [/li][/ul]

But other than that, I really liked the episode. I liked the montage of Sherlock being bored by the potential clients. And I liked Watson getting the smoke alarm to turn on to help figure out where the phone was. And I definitely didn’t mind Sherlock walking around in just a sheet.

He’s playing Khan in the new Star Trek movie. Oh, my. <fans self>

I rather think he did save Adler. I just can’t figure out how he would have done it. There are so many obstacles he’d have to overcome: finding her, infiltrating the group that is in the process of beheading her (I mean, c’mon, he’s not likely to have gotten there before they caught her, is he? so he’d have to make it up on the fly, and presumable speak flawless Pastho or whatever or he’d never have been in position to be wielding the sword), then getting her and him away to safety, managing a trip to what appears to be Afghanistan or Pakistan without his brother being aware of it, and that’s just off the top of my head. I suppose we just handwave it and put it down to him being Sherlock, but still. That’s a *lot *to manage on your own, and you know he did it solo.

Well, if you’re gonna be naked anyway, may as well go all out.

Enjoying this series.

The first thing I thought of when watching Moriarity was - he is just like Him from the Powerpuff Girls (edited scenes featuring the villain Him, aka Satan). I googled it and apparently am not alone…