Sherlock - The Abominable Bride (spoilers as it airs)

Anyone else excited that we get a Sherlock special tonight? I can’t wait.

Shame we aren’t getting three full episodes this year, though. I’m hoping we get a full three episode run in 2017.

Yes, I’m pumped. I love that we’re getting to see it the same day as watchers in the U.K., instead of having to wait for weeks.

I don’t know that I’d go see the theatrical release on 1/5, though.

I think it’s probable that series 4 will be shown in 2017, as they are beginning to film it in spring of this year.

Holy shit. How trippy was that? I actually shouted “What the fuck!” at the TV at the reveal… Yes, I know we have open spoilers, but dammit I’m not spoiling that for anyone!

Did you get the trailer at the end of the episode in the US as well as the UK? Is that going to be a real show?

I’m sorry, but while it was a really clever idea, this was the worst Sherlock episode so far. The quality has been going down steadily since season 1, which is a massive shame. And I so hate Watson’s wife!

I was actually mainlining a 7% solution of morphine while watching, and even I thought it was a bit trippy. :smiley:

It was very ambitious, and I reckon it got most of it right.

It says joint writing credits but too much Gatiss for my taste. Hence cocksure and a tad too whimsical.

Still a lot of fun though.

I said to my wife that it was a “mind palace” or “stupor” of some sort, even before they first hinted at it, but I still thoroughly enjoyed the episode.

Just a tease for a fourth series and a confirmation that Moriarty is definitely dead. I’m fine with that.

I enjoyed it tremendously. Moriarty as the mind virus. Great fun.

Ahh… if there is only one thing you can count on here.

I enjoyed it, and I think I will enjoy it more once I see it again.

I liked how Molly was able to do her job, and I thought the bride was very creepy.

When he jumped off the cliff I turned to my wife and said “and then he sees thousands of skulls under the water … .”

I actually enjoyed this quite a bit. I tend to enjoy the banter and wit of the show a lot, and then get frustrated when the plots don’t really hold together (I’ve had LONG and brutal arguments with other SDMB posters who think that the plot holes I see aren’t really there, but I digress). In this case, since the whole thing was just a drug-addled fantasy, eh, who cares! It was fun!

WTF was that. An anti drugs PSA?

Yes, Gatiss must have written both on the same evening.

Or got lazy after too much plum pudding.

Hmm, after sleeping on it, it probably wasn’t that bad and I think it might improve on repeated viewings. Still don’t like Watson’s wife.

Agree. It’s worth at least two viewings.

I liked the dialog, which was constantly clever and witty. The “mind palace” is a silly concept (it meant that the guy was blackmailing people without any evidence; if anyone called him on it, he was out of business), but it worked here and was a nice twist. Pretty good overall.

At the waterfall scene, I expected the camera to pull back to reveal the painting in the room where Mycroft was eating. Were those two thing supposed to be related? Did I miss something that tied them together? I’m not too quick when it comes to subtle symbolism… or overt symbolism…

The skulls were on the walls of the drawing room.

I loved it. I love the million little beats. I loved the newspaper headlines. I loved the moment when it all clicked together. I loved Mrs. Hudson. I love that Moriarity is dead, to begin with. I can’t wait to see what he’s going to do next.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman have found the truth of this story in a way that makes it wholly theirs.