She's not in the mood anymore: Frances Langford dies

Frances Langford, star of radio, movies and the USO, has died at age 91.

OK, I did a search in Cafe Society before posting my thread—we must have hit “submit” at the exact same second!

I’m glad you chimed in.

Shit like this just isn’t official until I hear it from Eve.

(No offense meant, Otto)

A likely story! Why, you waited so long to post your thread that poor dear Frances aged a year in between!

My uncle used to talk about her, having heard her perform in the War. Otto is right and Eve wrong - she was in fact born just before the outbreak of the Great War on April 4, 1914.

You mean the AP is wrong, which usually goes without saying.

I was referring to what Dex so rightly referred to as your classy thread title. Will teach you to check your sources!

I learnt about Frances’s death from my aunt - my uncle having himself died earlier this year at the age of 85.

A follow-up that will be of particular interest to Otto and Eve. My aunt, herself aged 81, has emailed me (well, actually, her daughter-in-law has – Aunt Jean is no David Simmons when it comes to technology) with more details of the time that my uncle met Frances Langford. It was in July 1943, when Langford was touring England under the auspices of the United Service Organizations with none other than Bob Hope. Uncle David used to joke that he was one of the few non-Americans to watch Langford perform, as he was a Military Policeman and was “smuggled in” to watch the show by a counterpart in the US Army who he had befriended. As kids we never believed his stories (many of which had improved with the telling over the years), but for this one he had a trump card, a signed photo of Langford, which he counted as one of his prized possessions.