She's world famous in England

I just picked up the new UK issue of FHM which has the results of the annual readers’ poll on the “100 Sexiest Women”. The results served as a reminder that we live in two different worlds. Presumedly all of these women are well known ‘figures’ in the UK, but several of them are virtually unknown in the US. Could some helpful lad explain who the following are: Kelly Brook, Cheryl Tweedy, Michelle Ryan, Abi Titmuss, Sarah Harding, Rachel Stevens, Lucy Pinder, Jennifer Ellison, Louise Redknapp, Kirsty Gallagher, Natalie Pike, Tina O’Brien, Michelle Marsh, Nadine Coyle, Kylie Minogue, Nikki Sanderson, Delta Goodrem, Tanya Robinson, Holly Valance, Kimberly Walsh, Kayleigh Pearson, Jordan, Charlotte Marshall, Fearne Cotton, Billie Piper, Lisa Snowdon, Jodi Albert, Cat Deeley, Laila Rouass, Leanne Wilson, Holly Willoughby, Sophie Ward, Nicola Roberts, Dannii Minogue, Jamelia, and Jill Halfpenny. In exchange, I will volunteer to explain who any American sex symbols are on the US edition lists.

Jordan has a “home video”. That’s the only name I recognize.

Kylie Minogue is a pop singer. You probably remember her from the 80s remake of “Locomotion.” Does dance music now, and she used to have a lingerie line, as well, but I’m not sure if she still does.

Dannii Minogue is her sister and also a pop singer.

Sophie Ward is an actress, most well known for leaving her husband for a woman.

I’m kinda blank on the rest though, off the top of my head.

You haven’t heard of Kylie Minogue? She had a pretty big hit in the US a few years back (la la la la la la la la). Danii is her sister.

If I recall, most of those people are singers.

But thanks to some googling, here ya go. Most are Maxim style shots-- maybe not work safe…depending where ya work.

Kelly Brooke:

Cheryl Tweedy:

Michelle Ryan:

Abi Titmuss:

Sarah Harding:

Rachel Stevens:

Lucy Pinder:

Jennifer Ellison:

Louise Redknapp:

Kirsty Gallagher:

Natlie Pike:

And it goes on :wink: Jennifer Ellison is hot (well, they are all pretty hot, but she is gorgeous). I’ve noticed that many of these girls/women seem much more…womanly…then the American standard.

Billie Piper is in the latest incarnation of Dr. Who.

Dunno about “womanly”, but certainly several of those had the largest natural (looking?) breasts I think I have ever seen. Would that be more of an indication of British taste, or British women?

Don’t know her, but I love the name.

I’m going to be singing the Animaniacs’s Lake Titicaca song all day now:

but I’ll be singing “Abi Titmuss” instead of lake Titicaca.

I’ll try. For clarity, I’ll split them into groups

TV Presenters:
Kelly Brook (also appeared in a couple of episodes of Smallville as Lex’s girlfriend, and is getting married to Billy Zane)
Abi Titmuss (Sort of. But originally became famous for shagging Z-list “celebrity” John Leslie when he was caught up in various scandals)
Kirsty Gallagher (Not much else to say a bout her, I think she presents something on the Sky Sports channel)
Fearne Cotton (Presented kids TV show and moved into modelling for lads mags)
Cat Deeley (Ditto)
Holly Willoughby (Ditto)
Lisa Snowdon (I think she’s done some presenting. More famous for an on-off relationship with George Clooney)

Pop singers:
Cheryl Tweedy
Sarah Harding
Nadine Coyle
Kimberly Walsh
Nicola Roberts (These five are members of Girls Aloud, the winners of Popstars: the Rivals, one of the variants on the Pop Idol formula)
Rachel Stevens (Used to be in a group called S Club 7, now going solo)
Louise Redknapp (Had a singing career a few years ago as Louise Nurding. Sensibly married footballer Jamie Redknapp to get a less stupid name. Has done very little since then)
Kylie Minogue (Australian pop sensation, used to be in the soap Neighbours )
Delta Goodrem (Ditto)
Holly Valance (Ditto)
Dannii Minogue (Don’t think she was in Neighbours. Kylie’s sister)
Jamelia (Can’t think of anything interesting to say)

Actresses: (Most of these are from soap operas, I’ll say if its something else)
Billie Piper (Would also come under ‘pop singer’ but currently better known as Dr Who’s assistant)
Michelle Ryan (Eastenders)
Jennifer Ellison (Brookside. Had a go at a pop career but failed miserably IIRC)
Tina O’Brien (Coronation Street)
Jill Halfpenny (Coronation Street)

Models: (Generally Page 3 models, meaning they are regularly seen topless on the third page of the scummiest tabloids)
Lucy Pinder
Michelle Marsh
Sophie Ward

Natalie Pike
Nikki Sanderson
Tanya Robinson
Kayleigh Pearson
Charlotte Marshall
Jodi Albert
Laila Rouass
Leanne Wilson

Just not sure about these. I don’t watch the soaps or read the tabloids so they could well fit into one of the last two categories.

Kylie Minogue, Dannii Minogue, Holly Valance and Delta Goodrem are all Australians. With the exception of Dannii, they all appeared in the TV soap “Neighbours” (something they have in common with many other Australian actors including Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce, Alan Dale from the OC and Jesse Spencer who now plays Dr Robert Chase on House). Dannii used to be in the soap “Home and Away”. Both shows are very popular in the UK. Dannii and Kylie are sisters. All four have gone on to singing careers with varying degrees of success. Kylie had a hit in the US a couple of years ago with “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”, and is the green fairy in Moulin Rouge. Dannii was married to Julian McMahon, who has been in Charmed and Nip/Tuck (US shows, I don’t know how popular they are), Hollyrecently appeared in an episode of CSI (I think). Delta, (21) has her own lingerie range (as does Kylie), and is famous for having cancer (which Kylie has just annouced she’s going through too).

I don’t know much about Jordan except she has large fake breasts, she met Australian former popstar Peter Andre when they were both in a Celebrity Big Brother show in the UK and they are engaged and spawning children. Peter Andre is utterly revolting - I have seen him in person and thus know what I speak of.

Yeah, Kylie has actually had seven songs hit the Billboard Hot 100 in the US (“I Should Be So Lucky,” “It’s No Secret,” “The Loco-Motion,” “Can’t Get you Out of My Head,” “Come into My World,” “Love at First Sight,” and “Slow”), and her 2002 album Fever peaked at number 3 on the Billboard 200.

Jodi Albert was in soap Hollyoaks.

I think Natalie Pike, Kayleigh Pearson and Charlotte Marshall (and possibly some of the others) were all involved in FHM’s Highstreet Honeys competition, so basically they’re a bunch of nobodies who are willing to take their clothes off in a national magazine for their 15 minutes.

So does Abi.

Don’t worry, I’ve not heard of most of them either. And it’s a fact I’m proud of. They’re not well known ‘figures’.

FHM is part of the ‘lads mags’ market, a grubby corner of the “celebrity” industry. Very few of the people who feature in them are known for anything other than for being known. Very little talent, nothing of note to say, zero importance, and of interest only if you have a taste in bubble headed, plastic women. (Yeah, I’m sure there’s a few notable exceptions, but not in the vast majority.)

Not suprisingly their fame doesn’t extend far outside of their niche and not at all outside the country.

Nope - it’s an indication of the editorial policy of this segment of the market.

Sadly I know most of those names. I’d probably know most of the American ones too. I stopped buying Men’s magazines about five years ago.

(Now I buy the occasional PC gaming or movie mag)

:eek: You don’t say… If anyone needs me I’ll be over here… googling…

That was fun. I couldn’t find the full video (short of paying for it), but the clips I found suck and not it a good way. There’s plenty of hot pictures out there though.

I’m aware, in a general way, who some of these women are. I guess I was just looking for more cultural context. I knew for example that Abi Titmuss had been in a sex video scandal. But I don’t know if she’s considered to have a semi-serious career or if she’s only known for the scandal itself. Or Jordan - is she considered a semi-legit model who occasionally poses nude or is she regarded as a nude model who’s a borderline porno star? Or Kylie Minogue - is she a real pop star who also looks good or is she someone with no real musical talent who’s riding on her looks? Are these women famous in the sense of not being able to walk down the street without being mobbed or famous in the sense of appearing as guests on game shows?

And for anyone who missed it, the thread title is a Jack Benny reference.

Kylie Minogue is actually pretty famous. She played Cammy in the *Street Fighter * movie with Jean-Claude Van Damme and Raul Julia, and also played the Green Fairy in Moulin Rouge. She had several disco-like hits around 2000-2003, and one of them has been used recently in a car commercial. Those songs were in pretty heavy rotation on pop radio and MTV/VH1, and she made a lot of public appearances around that time. Of course, she also had a big hit in the late '80s with a cover of “The Locomotion,” and alternative music fans may remember her haunting duet with Nick Cave, “Where the Wild Roses Grow.”