Shipping a CARE package to Slovakia

I have a Slovak friend who’s having a bad couple of months and has fallen on some temporary hard times. I’d like to send him a CARE package but my Google-fu is not turning up whether there are restrictions on what I can send from the US. I’m not planning on sending anything perishable, only pre-packaged/canned goods.

No idea if this willl help, but here is the website of the Slovakian Embassy in the USA.

I couldn’t find customs information, but there are contact emails and phone numbers. Might be worth a try.

Includes all relevant info on mailing things to Slovakia, including the prices of various services, links to the right customs forms, etc. You’ll notice its not exactly cheap ($40 for 6 lbs).

Guess I’ll be going easy on the canned goods. Thanks!

Otto - Wouldn’t cash be the easiest to send?


Yes, it would be easier, but he has made it clear in no uncertain terms that he does not want me to send cash. Otherwise I would just PayPal it to him.

Not as personal as a package from you, but what about ordering from an online shop in Slovakia? (I’m afraid I have only found this online store with an English-language interface - no idea if that’s his cup of tea…)

Oooh, I may have to order from there, just so I can get him some Cock Brand food. Hee.