Shirley feel like triple poo poo.

I have been struck down by Labryinthitis since yesterday late morning. And I was upnorth when it hit. I have never felt so helpless and miserable in my life.

four hours at a clinic, where I could not foucs and i puked up a lung and pooed out everything inside of me…broke a commerical grade toilet. ( mre on that later when I can actually do something iwthout nealry falling over. )Right now, I am typing iwth one eye open as it seems to help with the diszziness.

I will give full gory detail later on. I’m off to bed to pass out. This five munites up is exhausting.

I’m so sorry to hear about your troubles. Get well soon.
(I know how hard everything is when you have this disease – a coworker had similar problems for 5 months!)

Get well Shirley! Good vibes coming your way.

I’m fairly sure that if you’re stuck in a Labryinth, you should remember to bring a large ball of string.

Get better!

Poor Shirley!!!

Hope you feel better soon!

Keep your finger on the left wall, and you’ll find your way out.
Until then, get better soon.

I hope David Bowie is at the end of your Labyrinth.

Get well soon!


I hope you’re on the mend, chickie-baby. What exactly is this hideous malady you suffer from?


If you need information on your malady,this site looks pretty good.I just skimmed it and got more information than I needed on labyrinthitis.

Thanks for the good wishes.

This is brought on by my sinuses ( sinusi?) hating me. My right ear is completely blocked and ringing. I am on 3 different meds ( one for vertigo, one antihistime and something else that is foul to taste on the back of the throat.) Ohh, and I get a suppository too to quell the nauseau. That is the easiest to deal with as all I did Sunday was hurl up anything given to me.

However, opening the foil wrapped for my protection suppository bullet thingie is something of comedy in the making. Neither Mr. Ujest, nor my mom ( who came up today to control the kids) can open it with out turning the suppository from a little bullet to a blob of waxy substance. I might as well shove a crayola up my butt. They really need to invent a zip lock or rip open thing for those little things.
And I’ve gotten three shots in my butt and one in my arm. Can’t tell you exactly what they were, but two were steroids, So look out Tour de France.

I am lving on crackers and ginger ale and upgraded myself to sprite and toast this am. What a luxury.

God, this is so hard to type this. The computer is bobbing, thankfully, I can type pretty much with my eyes closed. I can’t read anything. TV just sucks and I am tired from laying around and exausted from doing nothing.

I have to take this easy because in two weeks we fly to germany and I do not want to have this at all on vacation.

Thanks for the link.
Now for the burning question that has been agonizing me since the doctor’s office yesterday: What are the three crummy purple properties on the monopoly board? Mediterrean, Baltic and What,fer crying out loud?!

Get Well Soon! Though I hate to tell you, since you are so sick and all, but there are only two purple properties on the Monopoly Board. Mediterrenean and Baltic are it.

Here’s hoping this is gone soon, and your trip to Germany is pleasent and illness free!