Shirt tucking

Men’s T-shirts are supposed to be tucked in, Hawaiin shirts are not supposed to be tucked in, button up shirts that have swoopy hems get tucked in. What do you do with shirts that have 2 inch slots on each side.

I have short sleeved polo shirts (with the 2 inch slits on the hem) that I think get tucked in.

I also have pull over long sleave shirts (with the 2 inch slits on the hem) that I think you aren’t supposed to tuck in.

What’s the straight dope?

You’re supposed to leave them out, but you can tuck it in. It’s an either-or thing.

I’m really suprised how quiet this thread has been, my thoughts.

shirts with tails: tucked
shirts with slits: untucked
Tee shirts alone: untucked (mostly to hide my beer gut)
Tee shirts worn under other shirts must always be tucked

yes, I’m pretty anal about things like this

Yeah, t-shirt’s untucked… especially with shorts

T-shirt as undershirt tucked in
T-shirt as outerwear, not tucked
Except if it’s like a designer fitted ribbed shirt or something, those get tucked.

Polo shirt: either or, depending on the occasion and outfit.

Pull over long sleeve with slits at the hem?
Of what quality?
If its a rugby, then probably not tucked. Actually the existence of slits means its of higher than t-shirt quality and probably counts as like a sweater.

Anyone out there ever tuck a sweater? cause I’ve seen it and that’s just wrong.

I opened this thread thinking the title was “shirt fucking”. Not that I’m in that sort of thing, mind you. But it definitely sounded like something new and unusual.

Shirt tucking just can’t live up to those sorts of expectations. I’m outta here.

I almost always tuck, and don’t wear Hawaiian shirts for that reason as much as any other.

I tuck because I might want to put a sweater on.

Kalhoun, VenusProbe, vl_mungo, greck

Thanks for the responses.

It’s a thin fleece long-sleeve, if that makes any sense, with one stripe from shoulder to wrist cuff (both sleeves), no collar.




umm, so you tuck your sweater in too?

Hey All,

Thanks for the responses. I ended up wearing the shirt un-tucked, but wanted to ‘know’ what those slits meant, if anything.


Allow me to recommend bodysuits and leotards, which keep themselves tucked and you never have to think about it.