Shit, I think I brokeded my foot :(

The title says it all.

I decided to wear some heels today, since the jeans I am wearing were made for someone around 5’7" (did I mention they’re “short” style?) and have a slight flare, so I can’t just roll them up like I normally would. I had to run many errands before work, one of which was grabbing some stuff from Publix. There was a wet spot on the floor and of course I slid. Being as how I have been walking in stilettos since I was around 8 years old or so, I did not fall on my ass, but now I wish I had, because then I could sue Publix or at least guilt them into paying for the medical bills.

When I slid, I caught myself, but at the cost of twisting my foot (not my ankle) in a way in which it is simply not designed to twist. Well, ok, so the foot isn’t designed to twist at all – that just proves my point. It is not swollen (yet, since I have been keeping it elevated), but it hurts like a gotdayummed sumbitsh. Fuck. I do not want to waste the $25 bucks I was planning on spending on something fun on a doctor’s visit. IF they could get me in at all, anyway! I also don’t want to risk waiting until Monday and being in pain all weekend. Someone shoot me, please?

I will sign a declaration of my horse-ness so that you will not face prosecution. I promise, just put me out of my misery!

Hmmm… surely this is a pain that could be remedied with a few cocktails?
most are, in my exschperiensche

of course, you must fight the urge to go 80’s disco dancing party crazy once the ‘medication’ kicks in.

Ouch. I chipped a tooth late last night. Fortunately, I have a dentist appointment next week. I’m trying to see if I can get in tomorrow.

No, you didn’t, as these parentheses were in the second sentence of the post, and you knew perfectly well that you hadn’t mentioned that they were short. You could have written: “the jeans I am wearing were made for someone around 5’7” and they were ‘short’ style". (Nothing against you personally Litoris, but that particular writing quirk is a bête noire of mine. Ever since I gave up raging against apostrophe abuse, I’ve got to find something to spark my ire.)

Anyway, I got the shit punched out of my arms two weeks ago by some girls and I still have huge bruises where they hit me. The sad thing is, I invited them to hit me.

Please, please, please tell me you notified management when you fell in the store! Last year, a friend of mine went though something similar (except for the jeans and the heels), and she immediately notified management. (It was their fault, afterall, considering there was water on the floor.) They covered her treatment.

You can keep your $52, and let Publix take care of the x-ray. I hope it’s not broken, and feels better soon!

Have you soaked it in Epson salts yet? That always helps me when I have teh foot pain.