Shitting on Hamas

A day or two after the ceasefire in Gaza, video reports showed Hamas back to restoring tunnels for weapons acquisition, and now Hamas is firing rockets again determined for more bloodshed amongst their own people. The usual initial Israeli response was employed again. Bombing the tunnels region within days after the last barrage in the hopes of limiting Hamas’ rocket firing.

This strategy is obviously not working very well.

Sometimes you need to think outside the box.

What if Israel acquired water bombers that they could load up with sewage, shit,piss,toilet paper,condoms and tampons, and rain the national discharge along the Gaza/Egypt border . Israel could run sorties once a week.

Ordnance would be cheap, with no casualties, and I’ll bet the joys of martyrdom are not enough to overcome the stink and revulsion to resume the tunneling activity.

Not only that, but it just may be that aerial bombing
with sewage could be a way more effective weapon when you want to coerce and demoralize a population to change their behavior.

God, what the fuck is wrong with these people? BOTH sides.

Again, you have to remember that Hamas is about as broad as the Democratic party. There are the sane people, and the crazy people.

Most of Hamas could think that the cease fire was great, and yet there will still be a few who would go out and break it.

Or thinking slightly more in the box. Israel could agree to the Egyptian request to let them double the border guards, currently limited to 750 by the 1979 treaty.

How about if the Israelis dig a counter tunnel under the Gaza/Egypt border? They could use sensors and dig branch tunnels to interdict the Gaza tunnels.

Isn’t there ANYWAY to get the U.N. to come in and declare martial law or something? Anything? I don’t see this ending until both populations are wiped out.

Well, that’ll certainly rid the world of their stupidity. Maybe that’s what needs to happen, sadly.

Not that I am that knowledgeable about Israel-Palestine affairs, but do you mean that most of the Palestinians think the cease fire was great, and that it’s Hamas that’s going out and breaking it? 'Cause as I understand it, Hamas is fairly uniformly OK with attacking Israel, but most Palestinians are not members of Hamas.

Given that Hamas’ official charter calls for the destruction of Israel, says that “initiatives, proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time” and hints pretty clearly in the direction of genocide … what exactly do its moderate members believe in?

“Death to the Jews, yes … but humane, painless death.”

Destruction of Israel does not equal death to all Jews.

Yes, because the people of that region are known to take deliberate insults so VERY calmly. :rolleyes:

Sort of pokes holes in our last lifeboat, though.

I think your idea is a shitty one, and you yourself are a moronic example of the human race.
My insults made you demoralized and accepting of me, right? :slight_smile:

If you think like Der Trihs the Gazans will react more violently to insults than physical harm (unlike the Jews who are frequently refered to as pigs) then all I can say I’m glad no one from there is posting in the pit.

  1. So, provided they don’t advocate genocide, advocating the destruction of Israel would count as the sane, moderate position?

  2. Hamas Charter, Article 7:

Did anyone else read this as “humane pieless death?”
(Which, of course, would be the least humane death I could think of!)
As for Dutchman’s idea, if this keeps up, I think eventually that’s all that region will be reduced to-flinging shit at one another. :frowning: It’s too depressing.

That’s actually pretty much crap you’re trying to sell there.

piless would make sense. I believe at one time you couldn’t shoot a Christian with a square bullet, which would imply that Muslims and Jews could be shot with such ordnance.

Name two.

I mean, it’s an org that supports the death by violence of Isreal and all the Jews. Terrorism is just fine and dandy to them.

A turkey on every table, and a Bosda Helmet[sup]TM[/sup] on every child.