Shocking Government CONSPIRACY uncovered!!! (Seethruart was right!!!!)

At first I doubted the photographic PROOF on Seethruart’s site, until I took a closer look at one of the images on NASA’s own site… one of the very images used in Seethru’s discoveries!! I’ve compiled a simple page to get this important message out:

I feel so betrayed by my government!

Now see if Seethruart would have made it as clear as you have then people would have agreed with him. I guess he just wanted people to think for themeselves and realize that it’s all faked.

I especially love the second pic :stuck_out_tongue:

While you’re uncovering all these government conspiracies… would you mind taking down the Illuminati? Thanks, much appreciated.

holy shit keep it down!!! They monitor these boards you moron!!! SHHHHHH!H!!!

Oh, then I guess it wouldn’t be a good idea to post the research paper I did on the Illuminati ine very forum.

Well, curl a jackhandle.

I was sure the guy was a meshuggina, but here’s the evidence, and now we all owe the swizzle stick, err, whassisname, an apology.

We’re in your debt, OpalCat.

Giant raccoons on the moon.


Thanks a lot, Opal, you can just rock me to sleep tonight.

The real question to ask is : where do they get the garbage they eat ?

Sorry folks, that is in fact a koala. There was an Australian probe from Woomera in the sixties - looks like it was more successful than we thought at the time.


[sub](I redid the last pic, it looks a bit more realistic now)[/sub]

They don’t eat garbage, they eat teeny tiny moon-people! Sheesh! Some people just can’t see the truth when it’s in front of their face!

This is a lie. We do not monitor this message board, and is also untrue that we have any sort of influence on this board. Anyone caught perpetuating these nasty rumors will be banned, all of their posts will be removed, their taxes will be audited, and their birth certificates will be revoked.

Opal, we are NOT amused. You took the Oath, as did we all.

You may expect a visit from our “Happy Squad” soon. Do not bother to pack a toothbrush; one will be provide for you as you undergo “Happy-making readjustment”. (It will save time if you shave the right side of your scalp when you shower tomorrow… the electrodes stick much better that way.)

You don’t have the truth! I have the truth!

Look! Unimpeachable photographic evidence!

(BTW I posted this awhile back in the other Apollo thread, but everybody ignored it :frowning: )

Ix-nay on the uth-tray!

[sub]Run, Opal, run![/sub]

You are through the looking glass now Opal.

Up is down, down is up. Trust no one.

I must go now. I fear I’ve already said too much

that_darn_cat wrote:

I’m sorry, did you say something?

Damn it,
I was reading this at work and that picture of the raccoon with the bubble helmet almost made spit soda all over the computer. I think my co-workers believe me to be suffering from some sort of epilepsy now.

Um, what do you mean “re-did”? You mean, you went to the moon and took another picture, right? Because the pictures are real, right? There’s nothing to “re-do” because they’re real right? Real pictures of real space raccoons,, right? RIGHT?

[sub]I have to go lie down now[/sub]

Opal, as a guy trying to get back his groove in the digital design world, you are now officially my Muse.

Hail Opal!!! All those who will die fighting ignorance salute you!!!