Shocking revelation about Bush's "reason" for war

The major media have been hushing this up, but it is time the truth be told.

One of the Bush administration’s major reason’s for gong to war with Iraq was the dangerous supposed presence of “Saddam Hussein.”

Yet now, weeks after the fighting has ended, when we supposedly control the entire country, we cannot even produce this alleged “Saddam Hussein”. If Saddam Hussein really existed, why haven’t the occupying troops been able to find him?

Isn’t this enough evidence to believe that Saddam Hussein never really even existed, and was just a lie made up by Bush and his cronies to justify going to war?

Or… is my logic somehow faulty? :smiley:

Well I guess Saddam Hussein has taken all has WMD with him when he fled the country (if he is still alive).

Nice try, but yes, your argument is faulty, and I am talking about the REAL argument you try to convince us of.

Well, wasn’t it said by those ‘ear experts’ or whatever that they hadn’t seen the real Saddam for years?
Would really be funny if not only there haven’t been any WMD but no Saddam either.

Oh no. You see, we have some totally unsupported evidence that says that Saddam exists. I don’t care about what you have to say. Saddam exists. Good 'nuff for war. I’ve got my fingers in my ears! LALALALALALALALA!

Well, we know from video that both existed in Iraq at one time BW (before the war). Assuming that one can trust video.

Now it seems that neither are there now. I wonder if we will find a mobile lab that “could possibly be used to produce Saddam Husseins” buried in the dessert some where.

Funny hawks state that the so called mobile bio labs could only be used to produce WMDs, but bathtubs can also be used for that purpose. Would it not be better to say that since Iraq has bathtubs, they are capable of producing/are producing/have WMD. After all, in WWII, most of Germany’s war industry was moved into small factories and homes. Germany was producing more aircraft in 1945 than at any time of the war, even with allied bombing.

Hey, is this a mustache in my pudding?


You had me fooled. Good one.

Ah, but the problem is, the presence of “Saddam Hussein” in Iraq is not a violation of any UN resolutions.

Not that Bush would let a little detail like that stop him, but still…


Whats interesting is that we were told that not only was there a Saddam Hussein, but that huge stockpiles of them were hidden. We were given exact locations and exact amounts. Tons of 'em, apparently.

As well, we were told that production facilities for Saddam Husseins were being expanded, and that raw materials for dreaded Nuclear Husseins were being imported.

And, most frighteningly, means of robotic delivery to drop Saddam Husseins on unsuspecting Americans were in development.

In short, it wasnt a matter of a single Saddam Hussein, but large dangerous and varied quantities as well as ongoing development of production and delivery systems, all of which presented an undeniably clear and present threat.

And yet not even ONE Saddam Hussein has been found. Not even a moustache or beret has been found. Not even a pair of underpants with “SH” written on the elastic band.

Instead of massive stockpiles of Saddam Husseins, as promised, the only thing found so far are a couple of trailers that MAYBE could produce Saddam Husseins, but which are more likely to have been used to produce Abdel Alis, Tariq Ahmeds, or Khaleel Mahmuds, all of whom are perfectly harmless.

The latest Weekly World News tells me that his moustache has been found and they’re conducting DNA testing on it now. So just be patient.

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According to [this.](http:// this_link_leads_nowhere.silly) builletin from The Biased Anti-American Broadcasting Ass. Saddam has been found in an underground bunker.

Although one pinko unembedded reporter (probably a stalinist) says the Saddam looks suspisciously like he’s made from balsa.

Didn’t Hussein flee to Iran or Syria? I say we should invade those countries now to prove once and for all that there really was a Saddam Hussein!

I say he fled to Syria and Iran.

And Lebanon and Jordania and Egypt and… is there any oil in Lybia?

Lybia? Oil? No, I think they just have dates.

So you are claiming that this whole military thing was just so Bush could get dates?

Now I’m confused


Bush wants dates. You know how attractive a military man is…

No, Clinton was the one who was always trying to get a date.

Bush a military man?

You have obviously never read about about Bush’s military carreer.

geez…I don’t stutter and I really can spell career.