shoes on or shoes off?


Foot thongs?

Whatever the family are comfy with, most of my floors are parquet so they don’t get too cold; the only tiled rooms are the kitchen and the bathroom. I don’t consider anybody who has the key to my house as “a guest” in strictu sensu.

Me, I go shoeless whenever possible. Mom and SiL only go shoeless in the shower. Middlebro prefers shoes-off, as does The 4yo Kidlet. The 1yo Kidlette’s preferences appear to be along the lines of “if I’m fully dressed, shoes on NOW!, if I’m not take them off” Littlebro has been known to remove his shoes when prompted (generally after he says something like “my feet are killing me”).

Shoes come off when we step in the door; no carpets, but it’s a warm-weather country most of the year, (and the bedrooms are parquet, anyway.)

weather! i knew i forgot something =\

I can’t stand wearing anything on my feet in the house, any time of year . . . but I keep a pair of moccasins handy for the basement, attic, or the back hall where the litter box is. My partner’s the opposite; he must have his tootsies covered, even in bed.

Shoes off when I’m at home, we have mostly carpet in the house although I’m slowly working my way through it and getting rid of as much as I can! I do have slippers in case I need to put something on my feet in a hurry to go outside but mostly even slippers are off if I’m on the sofa or something.

I’m generally not a germaphobe but there are too many people who don’t clean up after their dogs and waaaay too much bird poop on the sidewalks. Shoes off please.

I don’t care if people wear their shoes or not. I generally take mine off because I am more comfortable. But really, people can jump on my bed with their shoes on, I really don’t care. I’m probably the polar opposite of a germophobe.

What, are you kidding? This is Thailand. I voted “shoes off and we don’t have carpets,” although we DO have carpets in two rooms, but not the big main room. But we do have a big Chinese rug on the floor for the big main room.

Anyway, no shoes inside.

What he said. We’re not in Thailand but Mrs Shibb is Thai. We have a small bench to sit on to take off your shoes and a teak shoe cabinet. Our bedrooms are carpeted but the rest of the house is wood floors.

Shoes come off the minute I get in the door. Love going barefoot. If it’s chilly, I’ll put on socks. In the winter slipper socks or are they sock slippers, hmmmmmm…?

Weird. I hate sleeping in socks! It just feels wrong.

I’m just voting. I’m not EVEN gonna talk about this subject. :stuck_out_tongue:

I never wear shoes. As a kid we always went barefoot. I recall on the last day of school, we came home and took off our shoes and except for church on Sunday we stayed barefoot.

Back then of course you could go into stores without shoes. I stepped on so much stuff as a kid, but it never dawned on me to wear shoes. Yes I had a tetanus shot.

My brother was even worse, he’d be outside in the snow in his bare feet. Now I like my feet warm, not that my stupid dog or cat would ever think of sharing their fur coats to warm my feet.

We never used to wear shoes in the house. It’s a time-honored Alaskan tradition that nobody (even guests) wears shoes in the house, so that’s how I was brought up. However, a few years ago I broke my little toe when I accidentally smacked one of the heating fintubes. Then I developed plantar fasciitis and a podiatrist told me that not wearing shoes is one of the chief culprits for getting this painful malady. So now we wear house shoes: hard-soled slippers for the Ms. and Topsiders for me.

Yep, me too. I never wore shoes in the house until I got plantar fasciitis, now I wear shoes all the time. :mad:

If I’m completely done for the day, done cooking eating or whatever. And all I’m doing is reading or watching the tube, I’ll take my shoes off. Otherwise they stay on.

Not wearing shoes in the middle of the day feels weird to me.

Shoes off at the door for me, I have hardwoods and area rugs. But shoes would be off no matter what–if I never had to wear them at all I’d be ecstatic.

Has there been a poll on “Toilet Paper: Up-and-over or down-and-under” yet?

Yes. It was one of the first polls.