"Shoot me Now!" "Okay!" Bang!

**Woman obliges after husband begs to be shot


It’s hard to feel anything against her after reading this:

Exchange the genders & see how it reads…

Please don’t let this be a Mr. & Mrs. Zendt.

I dunno. It’s equally weird and oddly funny if a guy gets a gun held against his head by a woman and then shoots her in the kneee at her request. YMMV.

Uh…what? Remove the genders altogether and I see a moron with a gun getting his knee shot. What’s your point?

It’s a horrible situation and all… but I read the thread title and couldn’t help but think of Daffy, Buster, and Elmer. Especially Daffy.

You’re despicable…

He doesn’t have to shoot me now. He can shoot me when he gets home.

The point, I think, is that were it a man who shot a woman in a drunken stupor that the police would have hauled his ass down to lock up, her to the hospital and filed domestic charges against him. No one holds the woman accountable would be the meme, I think.

It’s true that the legal system on the whole skews toward the female, but the double standard is justifiable.

Tell that to Betty Williams’ family.