Shoots in the garden.

I have little shoots coming up in my garden. :slight_smile:

This is how winter is supposed to be in the Pacific Northwest. Not that crap we had last year.

I’m on Vancouver Island btw.

I will tell you what I told my brother, who lives in Parksville, BC on January 2nd:

I hate you. Not actually as much today, as on the second when it was -30 C but still.

He grew up here too, and tried playing the “its a damp cold” on me that day. I lived in North Vancouver for 3 years, visited the Island often, and I wasn’t subscribing to his newsletter.

Well if it makes you feel any better, I lived in Deep River, Ont. for a few years. I’m 39 and I’ve only been off the Island for those 4 years. My first winter there, we had to have the roof cleared of snow. That pile of snow was still in the yard in JUNE.

But yes, I have shoots popping up in my garden. :smiley:

South of the border, in the Seattle area, I noticed a bevy of daffodil shoots coming up in one yard today. They were already a couple of inches tall. Oh, may that be a sign of an early Spring! Mother Nature, I would love you forever if that were so!

I have daffodil shoots, too! The ones on the hillside bit at the back are quite advanced. I just checked. :slight_smile: And the bulbs I bought last spring already in bloom–hyacinths and narcissis–are coming up again nicely. I’d have tulips, but we have deer, so there’s no point.

Even the air, though cool, smelled damp and good and full of promise today. Sometimes I dislike Victoria, but not these days.

Wanna trade? All we have is snow and cold. The only shoots we get right now end up on the nightly news.

Well, I am happy my Mom and Dad will be excaping the cold. Ever since his quadruple by-pass two and a half years ago Dad has a rough time of it with cold weather. He is healthier than ever, mostly, 68 and looking really well, but the cold is rough on him and I dont want him shovelling snow.

They are driving across country leaving on Saturday, I just hope clear driving for them. They aren’t in a rush so as long as they get there safely. They really like the island.

Me, Im looking forward to Aruba in March.

I’m not familiar with the Vancouver area but isn’t warm weather bad news with the coming Olympics or does the mountain region have plenty of snow?