Shop class no no’s Shorts, long hair and giant prosthetic boobs?

Then the headline would have been “man dresses in giant fake boobs”, not “trans woman dresses in giant fake boobs”. Or “white man wears blackface”, in your example.

That’s what an accurate headline would have said. Given the dearth of information about what’s actually going on, and given the extreme transphobia that’s plaguing conservative circles, it’s difficult to know what’s actually going on in this case.

Which is why I am judging the reporting (“another ‘let’s make fun of the freak’ story”) and not making any attempt to judge the underlying events. All I feel we really know about that is that we are missing some important context, if what’s we’ve seen is even true.

Absolutely agreed.

Do you always make wild, baseless assumptions off of little evidence?

It seems no wilder than the OP. Of all the transwomen I’ve met or even read about or seen online, I’ve never encountered any who would wear an outfit like that. I’ve encountered plenty of cismen who’ve worn large fake breasts in a way that came across as misogynistic. There’s always a first time for a transwoman wearing that kind of outfit, but in my experience it’d be a first.

Yes definitely making a mockery of women and fetishizing large breasts at the same time while hoping for some male attention from High schoolers? Shop teacher has gone too far in playing out her fantasy life in class.

I really don’t want to give the Daily Mail more clicks, but did anyone else notice the discrepancy between the headline “High school defends transgender teacher” and the description “has been pictured online taking classes…”? Is this a shop teacher or is this a teacher taking shop classes?

Oh, and all you people saying “is this appropriate to be seen by middle school aged kids?” , it’s a high school. I don’t think it’s appropriate for any school, but lowering the age of the students shows your bias.

Nice work bigots. Give yourselves a pat on the back.

Your saddle is a bit to high up their, pardner. It’s normal to have an automatic reaction to an image before you read further. And this isn’t that wild. As pointed out above, the boobs do look absurd, like the kind that are comically exaggerated. I’d expect those kind to be sold in a comedy store, rather than a gender affirming store.

If someone was doing this to mock trans people, it wouldn’t look any different. And it would make sense that TERFS would be spreading stuff to mock trans people.

Honestly, knowing it’s legit makes me worry she couldn’t afford anything better. Even the wig is horrible quality. I very much suspect she would prefer not to look like a caricature, but can’t afford it.

It has been repeatedly confirmed it’s a shop teacher, by the school, school board, and local contacts. That’s just a typo.

Cancer survivor here. There are many ways to construct inexpensive breast prostheses. Cheapest and pretty effective is rolled up socks or a foam form pinned in a bra. Knitted Knockers has patterns online for easy to knit foobs. Mastectomy bras have pockets for holding foam or silicone forms. Whatever this person’s means or motivation, “I could only get party boobs” isn’t accurate.

Yeah. I’m just a woman who has played with the displays at the bra shop. But i can report that a bra with pockets and a pair of silicone inserts is not financially out of reach of a full time public school teacher. I’ve recommended those to friends who were questioning their gender, as an affordable (and totally safe, reversible) way to experiment with presenting as a women.

A high school teacher in Halton would make an average of around $70,000 USD.

Do we know that this is a photograph of a person whose sincere gender identity is female, and that this is a sincere gender expression?

In a previous job I have occasionally come across used, donated breast forms. It would be a matter of luck and timing to come across one for sale, let alone a pair, but those might be a cheap alternative for someone looking for them.

As for the story, I have to agree with an earlier poster that it seems like a joke or a dare because of the extreme and cartoonish look it makes. Otherwise, I think the dress is fairly inappropriate for a work place.

I watched the video, and the person trying to operate that very normal miter saw almost seemed dumbfounded by it. And then they reached under the blade to grab the cut off. Not a good shop teacher for other reasons.

The more I read about this situation, the less convinced I am that it’s about a legit trans woman shop teacher.


As wguy123 said, that’s terrible shop safety demonstrated even accounting for the massive mammaries.

I’d postulate the school board supporting her is just them engaging in CYA in case it is legitimate.


We know we’ve been presented with a very strange story. So strange that we can be pretty certain we are missing some important information, and so strange that it’s likely some of what we’ve been told is wrong.

I think it’s a mistake to discuss the story as presented. Because the only thing we really know about that is that we are being misled. The real story here is about the reporting. How did this weird set of “facts” make it into the news and why.

Well, that’s an easy one. Transphobic bigots put the story out there, a transphobic rag spread it arouund, and our local transphobic bigots posted it here.