shop, scan and checkout

It’s a game changer, a revolution, and I love it!

You need to down load the store app, bring your own bags, charge up your smart phone, then get shopping, scanning and bagging. Need to get produce? Weigh your stuff on the digital scale, print a label. When your finished shopping just go to the self serve checkout,(I can haz as many items as I wants) scan in the QR code and bada bing! you’re done! The CSR does a bag check of three items to keep you honest then you’re really done! I so happy!

So convenient, but make sure you don’t run out of bags.

It’s also great for keeping track of spending while you shop, as you can see at a glance your balance and what’s in the cart.

I bag my items as I shop, no more digging shit out the cart, lifting up heavy containers, to place on the conveyor belt. Nobody gets to scrutinize and comment on my purchases IDGAF but MYOB. It just opens up a whole new experience of shopping. Okay I’ll get a life one day but still this is a glorious development IMHO!

How much am I being paid to do all this? Is there at least a little discount because they got to fire the staff that would normally do all this?

Do all what?

You pick your items off the shelf right?

You put them in your cart right?

YOu’re looking at your phone when shopping right? :slight_smile:

Havent you spent enough time in the store by now? but if you IF you like waiting in line, then emptying your cart, then waiting for it all to get scanned and reloaded into bags by all means go wait in line.

Our local grocery store has little hand held devices you can use to do this. I almost never see anyone using them.

I tried it once and didn’t like it because:

  1. I keep forgetting to scan items. It turns me into a thief.
  2. Now I have to bag my own groceries
  3. I keep forgetting to scan items.
  4. I now have to weigh and tag my own produce.
  5. I keep forgetting to scan items.

People keep their jobs.

If they provided bags that I could grab on the way in, I would do this.

You can also get 3 pounds of fruit for the price of 2 pounds simply by lifting the scale a little when weighing :slight_smile:

The Lord Helps Those Who Help Themselves


nope Not gonna stand in line if I don’t have to. should I be concerned about the cashiers job security?

Of course not. Just like nobody will give a shit when you’re replaced at your job.

I haven’t encountered this yet, but at least two of the points are daily life around here.

  • You bring in enough bags, or you end up with two options - buy bags or just carry stuff out loose. AFAIK, the price of bags is going up to 25 cents each state-wide soon. I’ve got about a dozen cloth bags so there’s usually a decent chance that there’s some in the car.

  • Bag your stuff, or wait longer at the checkout because the store doesn’t have enough “courtesy clerks” aka baggers. More often than not, the checker becomes the bagger and most of them don’t know not to put watermelons on top of eggs or ant spray with bread. Go to the cheap places and there are no baggers at all.

Wherever chela is shopping, they’ve just enhanced the self-serve checkout process. I’m curious how much mayhem ensues with kids dropping stuff in the cart or sneaking stuff out and you don’t notice until you’re home and realize the bottle of cinnamon you scanned and paid for didn’t come home with you.

Should you be concerned that the money they would have been paid is going straight to the owners? Should you be concerned that people out of a job will get their subsistence(at least partially) from the government(that would be your tax dollars). Thank you for supporting a lose/lose/win scenario.

I’ve found that it’s trivial to develop a habit of bringing bags from home when going shopping. Much of America is headed that way as well.

As for the OP, that system sounds great and I would do that every time. It’s much better than waiting in line, then waiting for the cashier, then the bagging. The system you’ve described is so much more efficient.

I don’t care that someone used to get paid for it and now I’m doing it. The “luxury” of having someone scan my groceries for me does not outweigh the inconvenience of waiting in line for a register to open. Especially on a busy day.

And that’s just the silliest argument of all. Is that really something you base your decisions on? Like when you decide if you’re going to take advantage of a company’s new, efficient and time-saving technology? Your concern is that someone is losing his/her job?
Do you not even consider the fact that the company making those scanners employees plenty of people as well. Those jobs didn’t exist before this self-scan system was implemented. You’re helping to create those jobs. If people like you refuse to use the system, then that company will go out of business and all those people will lose their jobs at the Self-Scan Manufacturing, Inc.

So ironic that you post that statement from a computer. How many hundreds of thousands of people have been put out of a job because their clerical or computational type job was replaced with a machine? What about cell phones? What about touch-tone dialing putting all those operators out of business?
Jobs change. The demand for cashiers is decreasing. So what?
Plus, the company making these scanners has their own employees. Positions that didn’t exist before the company started up.

And I’ve found that it’s easier to use the bags provided by the store. I’m not bringing 100 plastic bags from my house TO a store.

The scanner system was not free. I’d suspect much of the money that was going to pay the employee is now going to the scanner company. Sure, the store will make more money–but not just because they have fewer cashiers. They’re going to make more money because more people will shop there once they realize how convenient it is. So many new people might shop there that the store will need to hire more stockers to keep up with the inventory. And then will have to order more inventory from other companies that might need to hire more people to keep up with demand. It’s silly to look at all of this as a closed system consisting only of you, the cashier and the evil owners. There are so many other factors, and millions of other jobs out there. The unemployment rate is actually quite good right now, despite all the evil corporations implementing all this time-saving technology for the customers’ convenience. Strange.

Are the scanner employees doing a job equal to running a cash register? Or are those jobs also automated? Are the scanners even built in this country?
How about towns with no scanner manufacturer yet cashiers are out of work?

The big problem is that jobs at the lowest level are being automated out of existence with nothing to take their place. Where do those people go? You have to realize that not everyone has the skills to move to a more technical job.

There will be a continued supply of unskilled workers (because that’s how distribution of talent and education works) and no jobs for them like there used to be.

Meijer is the store. I believe they’re a good corporate citizen of the triple bottom line.

Ntl innovate or get left behind.

Cashiers have long used carousels to bag groceries. They still need guys for cart returns.

D&W has bag boys who push out your cart and loads yer car for “free”.

Ya really think avoiding technology is going save cashier jobs?:roll_eyes:

Plastic bags? :dubious: The whole point, of course, is to stop using plastic bags. Two regular sized, reusable grocery bags will hold at least what 20-30 plastic bags will. If you really needed 100 plastic bags, then I guess you’d have to bring like 5 of them.

That’s the point? I thought the point was to eliminate store workers.

What size are “regular sized, reusable grocery bags” that will hold what 20-30 plastic bags will? I usually have a cart full of food, and it fits into 15-20 plastic bags. A whole cart full of food will fit into 2 regular sized, reusable grocery bags that can be carried?

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