Short Japanese translation

Could anyone who knows Japanese translate the text in this image? I only need the part under Birdo, the one in the top row and third column.

Quick and dirty is perfectly fine. Heck, just typing out the characters and using Google Translate would be fine. I know it may be a bit blurry. If you can’t make out the furigana on the proper names, that’s fine.

Oh, and here’s a closeup if you have trouble zooming in.

I’ve just finished my first year of Japanese, so don’t take this as anything close to definitive. The scan is hard to read, but I’d transcribe the first sentence as:

Jibun o mesu to omoikon de kuchi kara tamago nado haku yatsu.

The Internet tells me that ‘mesu’ means female animal and ‘yatsu’ means something like ‘guy, dude’. The ‘to omoimasu’ (“believe that”) expression is pretty common; and even though I can’t make out the furigana, I think the ‘to-omoikon’ is an ‘n-desu’ form of that for ‘omoikamu’, which seems to mean more like ‘is under the impression that’ or ‘mistakenly thinks’. So:

It’s a guy that considers himself a girl, spitting eggs out of its mouth and so on.

The second sentence is harder to read in the scan, but I think it’s:

Kyashii to yobu to kigen ga ii.

I’m not quite familiar with the grammar here (specifically, what the extra ‘to’ is doing after ‘yobu’), but the rest of it’s straightforward. (Assuming I’ve transliterated it correctly, at least. Writing it with kanji would actually make it easier to read.) I think it’s saying:

Calling him ‘Cathy’ puts him in a good mood.

That’s really all I needed. So the part about her being a “boy who thinks she’s a girl” is indeed in the original Japanese, and not something that was made up for the English version. Knowing that she even kept her original name of “Catherine” is even better!

(That was a scan from the instruction booklet of Doki Doki Panic, which was ported altered to the U.S. as Super Mario Bros. 2.)

For reference, the Super Mario Bros. 2 manual says this “He thinks he is a girl and spits eggs from his mouth. He’d rather be called Birdetta.” (Birdo being her localized name.)