Short Men

Yep - I like 'em short. They’re the correct height for dancing and for kissing (since I’m 5’2"), and if they’re in halfway decent condition they’ve got a sexy shape. Short men tend to have nicer asses. Heck, I even like that short-guy attitude.

Let’s hear it for the short guys! Ladies, this is the place to confess your admiration for short men. Guys, if you are 5’8" or under, come on in and be appreciated. We like your style in here.
(This was inspired by elbows’ post about her husband, btw.)

OK I’ve often mentioned my lack of height, I’m 5’4, and I know that puts me at a disadvantage with some women, but I’ve grown to accept it (hey as if I have any choice) I will take any admiration even for that…:wink:

Short in Saskatchewan

Oh I adore short, lithe men.

Davy Jones was a short boy, you know. Hmm…come to think of it, still is. (he was gonna be a jockey…)

The dude I like is kinda on the short side, though he’d be less than pleased to hear me say that. (I mean it as a compliment, really!)

Tall guys are nice, but short guys are great. And I never have to worry about being too tall. i myself am short.

Odieman. Keith, baby. 5’4" is very nice. You don’t have a “lack of height,” you’re just right. I lost my virginity with a man who was 5’4" – saved myself for someone who was (a) sexy and (b) didn’t make me feel uncomfortable by looming over me.

Zoggie is right about Davy Jones being short. Other cute/short candidates:

Tom Cruise
Maurice Benard (he’s on General Hospital, sexy as all-get-out)
Wolverine (of the comic book, you know)

I’m sure I can think of more …

I like short men, too.

The way they just disappear behind their desks makes me feel all alone when I’m at work. And considering the number of women who prefer men taller than them, every short guy increases my odds with the ladies (when I’m single, anyway).

Oh, and I don’t have to bend over and get the coffee filters from under the sink at work, I can ask one of them. It is only fair since I have to put new bottle on the water cooler.

Yay short guys!

Hey, I’m your man! I’m 4’11" and almost certainly the shortest man on the SDMB. (There’s a woman who’s 4’10.5", I recall.)

You know, I may be 5’ 10", but I feel a sense of solidarity with my shorter brothers.

You see, while only 21.3% of all men in the United States are taller than 6’ (Statistical Abstract of the United States 1999, Table 243), about 40% of all “Women Seeking Men” personal ads state that they want men who are at least that height. In fact, I was never called “short” until I moved to Colorado. I went to school in Indiana for a couple of years, and compared to all those Hoosier basketball fanatics, I felt quite dimunitive.

…and a theory!

Short man sexiness is directly related to baldness sexiness.

It’s kind of about maturity, once they get over being short/bald and realize they can’t change it.

That self acceptance introduces a maturity into the mix.

Maturity and confidence hang out together.

A man who is confortable with who he is exudes a certain confidence that is a true aphrodisiac.

A bald man, self possessed, trumps a comb over, everytime!

Certified extremely tall woman here to tell ya that height doesn’t have a damned thing to do with pure, exhilarating masculine zing.

The flat-out most secure, excellent-company, funniest, confident male I was ever involved with was at least 5" shorter. Didn’t matter a damn. Once I got over being nervous that he might be nervous about it everything was wonderful. We forgot about it unless someone stared too obviously. Then we cracked up over it.

Great, great guy. And lets face it, any ::koff:: physical issues become moot when you’re even semi-recumbant. Vertical adjustments were similiar to tall male/short female though he noted happily that the differences tended to work out in his favor. (Think about it.)


You mean if I’m under 5’8 I’m short? And here I thought at my 5’6 I was average…

Oh well, it only enhances my cuteness effect.

In theory, I love short men, but all the boys I’ve ever kissed have been at least six foot tall.

Short , Tall


If you are a decent person I will love you anyway!

Being 5’0" myself most people look tall in comparison.

Ray is the same height as me. I like it that way. :slight_smile:

I’m tall for a girl and he’s short for a guy, so we get along well in that respect.

Height never mattered to me, but I married a “short” man…and 10 years later, he’s still hands down the sexiest and most interesting man I have ever met! (he’s 5’7"…I’m 5’3" I get to wear ultra high heels and be taller than him…it cracks us up still!) Short men, keep the attitude and the brains…you boys got it!
Climbing a 3 foot ladder before bending over at the waist to give the proper salute

I would just like to thank Jekeira for starting my perfect thread.

I must agree with all who have posted, short is sexy… :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course, you know every man has three heights (in order of descending honesty): (i) the medical chart, (ii) the driver’s license, and (iii) the “I’m about six foot” height he tells those who ask.

I wouldn’t read to much into personals. Last time I read them there were still “SWM 49 ISO SWF 21-25” dreamers and the like. Of course, the “must be over six feet” women are probably unaware Tom Cruise is in the neighborhood of 5’7’’.

Short writes:

> Of course, you know every man has three heights (in order
> of descending honesty): (i) the medical chart, (ii) the
> driver’s license, and (iii) the “I’m about six foot”
> height he tells those who ask.

I don’t lie about my height. You’ll notice I’ve posted it above. Don’t overgeneralize.

But if I were to overgeneralize, I would say that there’s a lot of women who are rather dishonest about whether they would date a short man. First, most of the time what they are saying is not that they would date a shorter man, but that they would date a man who is only a little bit taller than them. Why does a women consider herself particularly tolerant if she’s 5’3" and married to a 5’7" man? The difference between the average height of men and women is only five and a half inches. A women who’s 5’3" and a man who’s 5’7" are both just a little bit under average height for their sex.

The real question is whether a woman will date a man who’s noticeably shorter than her. My experience is that most women won’t, even though they claim not to care about height. I know from many years of experience that rather few women would consider dating someone of my height.

Heck, I married a guy who is shorter than I am, so at least some women will. I’m 5’10", my husband “claims” 5’8", but I think it’s more like 5’7". :wink:

I have to admit that when I was younger, I didn’t have the confidence to date a guy shorter than I was. It was hard enough feeling awkward and ungainly on my own, much less being next to somebody shorter which would emphasize just how tall I was. To be honest, if my husband had flat out asked me on our first date, instead of stealth-dating me, I probably would have turned him down. (This was when I was 18, so don’t judge me too harshly)

If I were to start dating again, I’d be foolish to insist on only seeing men taller than I am. For one thing, it would considerably cut down on the pool of eliglble men, and I hear that pool isn’t too big to begin with.

What elbows said!

I’m 5’7" and Mr. Scarlett is 5’6". He says he always thought he’d end up with a petite chick, but at my size (both height and weight) I’m clearly not it. But as others have said, I like being able to look him in the eye and kiss him on the nose without stretching. The only time I wish he were taller is when I can’t find him in a store – he’s usually shorter than the shelves, unless he’s wearing a hat. We took a ballroom dancing class once, but I just couldn’t get under his arm smoothly enough to do twirls and things.

One time we were walking out to the car at the grocery store and playfully started trying to beat each other to the car. He grabbed my keys and held them up above his head. I laughed and said, “Nice try, but you know I’m taller and my arms are longer,” and easily reached up and got them back. We had a good giggle over that one. And I’m usually the one to get things off high shelves – even though I’m only an inch taller, I have my 6’3" dad’s looong arms.

When I drive his car, I have to adjust the seat – back, to accommodate my longer legs.

Oh yes, and there’s an ex-girlfriend who used to berate him about being short – and still does, when she sees him! As if he can do anything about it!

He’s not the shortest guy I know, though – our friend Dan is right around 5 feet, I think, and he’s a mechanical and artistic genius and a fabulous dad to his three kids. I say women who discard men because of their height are missing out.

Oh, yes, and another thing – I remember slow-dancing once with a super-tall guy. It was rather weird and uncomfortable craning my neck to look at him and having his belt buckle at my boobs. At least for Mr. Scarlett and me, our naughty bits line up correctly. :smiley:


5’6" strapping young hockey player here. Which line do I have to sign?

Day late, $6.75 short