Short Story Question From Ages Past (about a guy who fixes stuff)

Back when the board went pay-to-post, I said my goodbyes to posting (life was getting a bit too busy, anyway), but continued to lurk off-and-on. During one of the “on” periods, a couple months ago, someone posted a question about a short story they couldn’t remember the title/author of, about a guy who can fix anything (be it machines, relationships, personal problems, human lives) and who ends up getting chased around because of it.

It’s one of my favorite stories, but since I was a no-good no-pay no-account lurker, I could only sit and watch the thread fall off the page with not a single reply, screaming from my dark and postless prison.

Now things are free, and while I’ll probably still keep posting to a minimum in favor of lurkitude, I did want to take the opportunity to set things right. Search is still bustinated so I can’t find and zombify the original thread, though, so I’m taking a shot in the dark. And so, to whoever the person was who posted the question, on the off chance that you haven’t managed to find the answer yet, the name of the story is:

"The Fix,", by Percival Everett.

It’s most readily available in this anthology, which is where I first read it and which has some other great stories, too.

My work here is done. (I hope.)

Alrighty, I’m gonna give it one bump, on the off chance it survives long enough to be seen.

This is the nerdiest quest ever.