Short term hobby recomendations

I am (was?) an athlete but am currently laid up with a bad wheel. I’m in a walking boot for at least the next month & then one to two months after that to complete recovery & PT. I can’t run, ride, climb, or fly these days, which is everything I love to do & means I now have time on my hands.

Obviously something like dancing or bowling are right out with a bum ankle. Realistically I might just start to become proficient with an instrument by the time I put it down so that seems like a total waste to me.

I’m looking for recommendations for a short-term hobby that can be reasonably proficient at but intend to put down once I can back to what I love. Looking for suggestions on what I can do but doesn’t have a long ramp up time to be decent at.

Reading? Whittling? Origami?

Painting, sculpture, stained glass, knitting, crochet, needlepoint.

(Becomin really good at any of these can take years - you don’t paint realistic portraits or crochet a sweater in a few months).


Ass kicking in an alligator infested swamp?

Just how do I get the donkey into the alligator infested swamp, & where do I get a waterproof bag for my boot?

Outdoor Man. Tell Tim Bill sent ya.

Drinking? :smiley:

How about something with some lasting value? Cooking. An online class in whatever language, history or tech interests you. etc.

Bonsai, cooking, primitive skills ( making bows and arrows from wood) . writing,

Maybe you wouldn’t have to. You could sponsor and organize an ass kicking contest for one legged men in said swamp. You wouldn’t have to participate directly. As event organizer and sponsor I would say you wouldn’t even have the opportunity anyway.

And good grief man! use a bread bag and some duck tape :wink:

Knowing Spiderman slightly I would say the first and/or third. Flint nodules are easy to come by and a small leather pad and a piece of antler to work it ------

Something that will produce things, so that when you put down the tools and return to your more active life, you’ll have something to give you fond reminders of the time you spent laid up with a fucked up foot.

I muck about with Arduinos, for example, and have created any number of completely useless objects. Or whittling, as suggested. Take photos of sunsets, trees, rabbits or whatever and use them to create a series of life-affirming Facebook memes.

Hmmm, some good ideasssh, hic. I like the online classes & since I haven’t been going to my running club, I’ve cut down on drinking & ya know, I really do have too many bottles of vodka in the house.

I do event production professionally, if you’re willing to come on board to get the sponsors then I’ll do it!

A bread bag isn’t big enough, & you need something more durable for when you step on an underwater rock so the bag doesn’t rip. BTW, packing tape, not duct tape; & it would hardly be my first time with packing tape & newspaper bags. Lots of years as a cyclist who *hates/I] squishy socks.

No bonsai as I have two black thumbs; I can kill cacti from lack of watering. :smack:

Cooking class is a good idea, though.

Some people mentioned reading, but what about maybe learning a new language?

Be a kid again - toy models - cars, planes, boats, ships, spacecraft*?

Macro photography. A macro lens (SLR days) is/was a portal to a new way of seeing everyday things.

Here’s one nobody else will ever suggest: Whittle. Does anyone still do this.

Just find a “Hobby” type site and go wild.

    • anybody making SpaceX kits yet? A Dragon with a detachable “trunk” would be cool.

How about baking?

Locksport, a.k.a. Lock picking. Totally legal in most places in the as long as you follow the rules of the sport (e.g. never pick a lock that you don’t own).

The gear is quite cheap as far as hobbies go, and it’s a pretty cool James Bond talent. Check out some videos from a fellow named bosnianbill to learn technique.

Except the very first suggestion in the second post. :stuck_out_tongue:
For my idea, how about the current fad of adult coloring books? I’ve got a few and I absolutely love them. They’re lots of fun.

They can be kinda pricey, but in this same subject: Legos!

Get one of the big Lego sets of a building or the Death Star or something.

You could make or build something that you can use. You only need to do it once, and then you’ll have it. Could be anything, from clock to a quilt. People who really like making stuff like this end up giving them away as gifts all the time, so they must be fun for people with time on their hands. You may not fall in love with it so much that you have a room full of Afghans you knit personally, but it might be fun to have one.