Shortnin' bread?

Why would a doctor prescribe that sick children be fed shortening bread? To coax them to eat because it’s yummy?

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I assume that it’s because Mammy’s little baby loves shortnin’ bread. And it made the one jump up, dance, and sing just to hear about it.

Pretty bland, flour, sugar, and short’nin’. Basic nutrients, so yeah, to get them to eat something.

Shortenin’ bread = cookies = concentrated calories for sick children.

Or because mama’s little baby loves 'em. :smiley:

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Note that Shortnin’ Bread isn’t originally a plantation folk song, but was written by white poet James Whitcomb Riley about 1900. As such, I think that the accuracy of any medical advice is about on a par with putting lime in the coconut to cure your bellyache.

I remember one time on the old Steve Allen Show when a woman in the audience brought him some short’ning bread as a gift.

STEVE: Is this the same short’ning bread that mammy’s little baby loves?

WOMAN: Yes, it is.

[Steve takes a big bite, like he’s always wanted to see what short’ning bread tastes like, and immediately gags on it.]

STEVE: Yeccch! Mammy’s little baby can keep it, for all I care!

That doesn’t surprise me too much. I’m sure I’ve seen more white than black people use the word “mammy.”