Should Alan Grayson apologize for his "die quickly" remarks?

Background: Alan Grayson, a representative from Florida, had a crowning moment of awesome telling it like it is when he explained the Republican health care plan. He stated it thus:

“Don’t get sick. And if you do get sick… die quickly.”

Now of course the howls are coming in from the Republicans. How dare he accuse us of such a thing? We want Americans to die slowly and painfully and we want them to spend every last dollar they have and then some… and then we want them to die!

In any case, comparisons are being made to Joe Wilson with his Idiocracy inspired outburst during Obama’s speech. Wilson was censured by means of a “resolution of disapproval” and the Republicans are calling for the same sanction against Grayson.

Now when I watch the Youtube video I see the floor being handed to Mr. Grayson and him being told he has five minutes to speak. Even with his charts he only takes the floor for two and a half minutes and maintains his decorum the whole time which is to say he isn’t screaming or yelling or interrupting anyone else. Therefore I don’t think Grayson deserves any kind of sanction. He gave his opinion and he did so politely and in the correct context. Is there any basis for a sanction based on the two point five minutes in which he made the Republican members of the house shift uncomfortably in their seats?

Nope. That you die quickly is the hope of any medical insurance company. They aren’t a charity, y’know, and if you’re dead you are no longer their liability.

I’m not sure why they would censure him, he was following the rules. What he said may or may not be true, but even if it is completely false we have yet to set a standard saying people can’t make statement of questionable truth on the floor. If we want to set that standard their would be no time for anything.

Saw some TV *punditti *saying that the use of the word “holocaust” was out of line, I can see that.

This is classic deflection from the Republicans. Fuck them. He not only shouldn’t apologize, he should repeat it. I wish a Dem would stand up to these asswipes.

Rep. Grayson is the same guy who has been collecting names of government contractors who would be in violation of the Defund ACORN bill, if applied to them, for inclusion in the legislative record. I like this guy.

Since the older a person lives to, the more medical fees they are charged, the more money needed to support a populace with more, longer-living old people. For all money raised, a larger percent goes to profit. Profit is spent on figuring out ways to get more profit. Getting old people to live longer and rack up the medical fees is a handy way to do that.

That was well written, well rehearsed, and he made his point in just over 2 minutes.

And now that Moid has pointed out his other effort, I have to say that I think I like this guy being in our Congress, too.

I don’t think he has anything to apologize for based on what I saw in that video.

Medicare kicking in at 65 kind of skews that incentive a bit.

He didn’t break any rules.

45,000 people are dying every year from lack of health care. Democrats (A few Blue Dogs aside) are trying to do something about it. Republicans are almost unanimous in trying to stop any meaningful reform that will bring those numbers down. They need to be confronted with the consequences of their actions (or inactions), and there’s not really a polite way to say it to them.

I’m a little leery about looking up blogs right now, but if anyone who regularly tracks major conservative online pundits could see what differences they draw between this remark and “death panel” rhetoric (not to mention Joe Wilson), I’d be interested in seeing it quoted here. I think it could be relevant.

They can demand that he can apologize for his comments right after they apologize for “death panels” and every other crazy nazi/socialist/terror/omg/1984/kill grandma/kill my baby/kill myself because it’s good for the state/wtfever bullshit argument they’ve been so eager to throw around these past few months.

There is nothing to apologize for here. Grayson’s comments might be uncomfortably hyperbolic to them, but it’s not even close to the level of the lies and slander the right employs on a regular basis.

Democrats need to show some backbone in this debate. I’m happy to see Grayson using his.

No apology is necessary. If only Obama would show as much passion in his speeches about health care.

Works for the UK.

Meaning? Is this another stunningly ignorant American comment about English health care?

What’s the current average time for a hip replacement including diagnostic time in the UK? Heart by-pass? Kidney stone removal? Breast cancer treatment? Surgery in General?

How are the elderly doing?

In such a small country with an extensive rail system, how are people not getting to the diagnostic centers?

Why does it take 9 monthsfor arthritis treatment?

What is the problem getting basic scanning supplies?

I can pull stuff up all day on the delays in UK treatment. Universal has no meaning if everybody has to wait. I understand they have made great strides trying to fix it but it’s a long way away from the care I get now.

All we’re trying to do now is close the insurance gap without creating a treatment gap.

Meh, the anti-abortion crowd routinely compares abortion policy to the Holocaust (and not just the fringe). I’m not a big fan of Holocaust analogies, but sauce for the goose, etc.

So Dropzone said “That you die quickly is the hope of any medical insurance company.” and you replied with a link that states that older people are being “treated … with a lack of dignity and respect”. Lack of respect isn’t nice, but the article you quoted didn’t say that people are dying from it, did it?

When you said “pull stuff up” you meant “cherry pick”, of course.

I’t’s been in the news lately. You’re free to research it.

the stuff I pulled up was all about demographic groups of people. They were not cherry picked individual cases.

Doesn’t sound like a bad plan to me. I mean, what’s the alternative? Get sick all the time? Doesn’t sound all that fun to me. Die slowly and painfully? No thanks.