Should I be miffed or flattered someone swiped my plant advice?

Very mundane. But I belong to a horticultural board and awhile back a question came up about whether it’s possible to grow a particular plant via seed. Calla lilies. There didn’t seem to be much info on that, as this plant is normally grown from tubers, so I wrote up my experience with it. Nothing fancy, and no more than I’d blather on about here if the subject came up.

So I get an email from this guy on the board who is asking me if I’m the guy selling seeds for this plant on eBay. Well, no I’m not selling seeds on eBay. He gave me a link to the ad and sure enough the guy selling the seeds copy/pasted my post about how I grow these plants from seed.

I mean, I’m kinda flattered someone out there thinks I know what I’m talking about. But, I wrote the post in the first person. “I did this, I did that. This is my experience.”

So by copy/pasting it word for word, it sounds like he’s presenting his experience, as me.

Should I be miffed or flattered? Plus, he’s shipping the seeds in winter, which I don’t think is a good idea.

I warned you it was mundane.

Email the seller, explain, see if you can be paid off in seeds! :slight_smile:

I’d be flattered AND miffed, but more miffed than flattered.

I think you should contact the seller on eBay to say, “Dude, you stole my advice” and include a link to your post on the hort board.

He may never respond, but at least you will have called his attention to the fact that he can’t just copy and paste stuff from teh inernets without consequence.

Hey, that’s a thought. Not sure I trust this guys seeds though. Unscrupulous bastard. :stuck_out_tongue:

freckafree, yeah maybe I should. I just don’t like the fact this guy may have seen my post and figured, “oh, something else I can sell,” without knowing anything about it himself. I looked at his other sales and it looks like mostly junk lying around his house.

Seems like straight-up copyright infringement to me.