should I buy a couple of parakeets?

I was thinking about buying some parakeeets for the house, but the woman at the pet store claimed that it wasn’t a good idea because I have a dog and if the dog barks it can cause enough stress to the parakeet that its heart might explode. Was this woman on crack?

More likely the little beggars will learn to bark.

Sounds like bullshit. Did the store have any books on proper care of parakeets? Maybe she can show you the chapter where she learned this factoid.

Birds are, naturally, scared of dogs, and so they should be. However, dogs and birds can learn to coexist peacefully (I had a canary for years that got along fine with my roommate’s American Eskimo, though the bird was never uncaged when the dog was around).

That doesn’t guarantee that they will coexist peacefully: your dog might indeed turn out to be intensely interested in the keets and the birds might well suffer from stress as a result. Excessive stress or shock can kill a bird, but so can just about anything else (they are in many ways unpredictably delicate/tough little critters).

A sensible summary here.

She said that she learned this from other customers in the past who bought parakeets and had dogs.

Kimstu nailed it. Can you bring your doggie over to some other bird owner’s house? Maybe one that already also has a dog (so the bird doesn’t get stressed). If your dog sniffs the cage and lays down, you’re good to go.

Oh! I know - take your dog to Petsmart, if you have one in the area. They allow dogs on leashes. Walk him over to the bird area and see what happens.

Probably not the best idea for the pet birds encased in glass cages at Petsmart, stress-wise. I second the idea to visit a friend or neighbor with birds.

Dogs already go there, and they’re pretty used to it. Like I said, my local Petsmart almost always has people + dogs wandering the aisles.

If she actually used the words, “heart might explode”, I would seriously question her knowledge on the subject.

I don’t know for sure about the dogs causing stress with parakeets, but nonstick cooking pots can kill them! Not kidding, the fumes are lethal to birds. Cite 1. Cite 2.

Did the pet store also sell dogs? Relatedly, did any of the birds’ hearts asplode while you were there?