Should I buy a lion?

Makes me want to buy one just to scare the shit out of my neighbors…should I ? I am a dog lover already , with two English Bulldogs…they’d love to play with a lion.

Get a bunch of lions. You’d be the pride of the neighborhood!

I prefer a great dane with a head attachment making it look like it has three heads.

When in doubt, always err on the side of buying a lion.

Get a lion. You could have a simba-otic relationship with it.

If you do, you shouldn’t take it to the beach. That might be considered to be a lion in the sand.

I don’t believe any of this. I think you’re lion.

I have a Golden-Doodle which has the same basic muppet hair as a Labra-Doodle.

I may try to get the groomer to give the lion-do a shot next time she gets sheared.

Paging My Lord

Personally, I think it would be a giant cat-astrophe.

I have to say that a mutt by any other name is still a mutt. :wink:

I wish Blackjack had longer hair.

My mother bought a lion once. It was a stuffed (as in plushy) mountain lion/female African lion (details were blurry) that was nearly life sized and had a very realistic face and sat upright.

I went to her house one morning to get something and was halfway through the dimly lit living room when my hindbrain suddenly informed me that THERE WAS AN EFFING LION WATCHING ME FROM THE CORNER OF THE ROOM. If I’d been any older than 25, I probably would have dropped dead of a heart attack. As it was, I had to sit, rubber-kneed, for about ten minutes before I could walk again. I never have figured out why it hit me so hard - I’d even seen the stuffie before, just not in that location.

OTOH, a number of years later I was in the zoo when a male lion decided he was unhappy about something, and roared several times. My wife and I still talk about how it made the hair on the back of our necks stand up. I think all humans Remember Africa…

First post FTW. :smiley:

I understand a lion can be a good investment. However you will want to make sure it has really nice lush fur. That’s the mane thing.

But wouldn’t a lion in winter be bad? Animal rights!

No. Get a gorilla. It is your right as an American.

A found a film clip on a Swedish newspaper site:

When I was growing up, a classmate actually had a lion for a pet. It was old and feeble, chained out in the back yard. Still scared the piss out of me, first time I rounded the corner.

From the article:

Is anyone else rather curious as to how this conversation went? I mean was it more "Zookeeper, I need a bed check on all your *Felis leos *ASAP!

Or “Hey, Phil, this is Officer Smith from the NPD…I, uh…I need you to count the lions for me again…Sure, I’ll hold.”