Should I change my user name to Jack Dean Tyler?

A recent search of the boards on “Jack Dean Tyler” as a user name reveals nothing. He’s been purged from the system. Annihilated. Vaporized. So, my interpretation is that the user name is up for grabs, since according to the current database, it’s never been used. Thoughts?

What the heck’s wrong with Winston Smith, I ask ya?

I’d have to change the hair color and height on my mental picture of you. Do you really want red curls on a 5’3" frame?

While there are no currently available threads that contain his fevered posts, he still resides in the overall user database and we have a policy to never re-issue usernames.
(Do you really want someone else returning from a long absence deciding to make you a harrassment target based on your (really) odd choice of names?)

Um, I prefer the term “strawberry blond”. :smiley:

Winston Smith, you just made reference to an unperson. Report to the Ministry of Love immediately.

Best user name thread starter ever.


A lot.

How about Tack Jean Dyler?

This Board would forever be a duller place if the name Winston Smith were to no longer grace it’s pages.



Not available. Not sure why your search didn’t turn it up, but it’s still in the system.


Besides, Winston Smith is an awesome name. Don’t even think about changing it.


“What kind of username defines me as a person?”

Heck no ! How would I ever figure out if it was you that took over the world ?

Wasn’t Jack Dean Tyler the guy who posted nonstop about foreskins?

There’s a legacy you want a continued association with.

*I *like it!

Yes. Very yes.

Well, to be fair, I recall him talking about Jack the Ripper once. Specifically, about how the evidence all pointed to Jack the Ripper being the Duke of Clarence. Who would have been one of very few guys around at the time (excluding Jews) who had been circumcised. Therefore showing how circumcision is bad.

When it was pointed out that the evidence didn’t actually point to the Duke of Clarence, he merely responded that as the only circumcised candidate, therefore he must have been Jack the Ripper. It was a nifty little display of circular logic.

The proposed user name change is doubleplusungood.

If I may say so, this line was brilliant and inspired.

That’s it… I just wanted to point out that I loved it.

Zev Steinhardt