Should I eat these grasshoppers?

It’s food, so CS.

I’m making hot wings. Since I’ve got the hot oil going, I’m making french fries and tortilla chips too. Well, since I’ve got the oil going…

I just caught two grasshoppers. Biguns. Tossed 'em in. (hey, they ate my corn).

Should I eat 'em? I’m scared. I’ve never eaten bug (knowingly) before. I always wanted to. I missed the cicada thing they had going back east a few years back.

Should I? Uh? Dare me? I might have to have a couple drinks first.

I’m home alone. Shouldn’t leave me home alone with a deep fryer.

If you do, cook them thoroughly. Grasshoppers can carry tapeworms.

Deep fried the hell out them. They were crisp.

Yup! Were. Woo! I just ate 'em. Check another thing off my list of things to do in life.

What are the symptoms of tape worm? Just so I know.

Unexplained weight loss, for one. So if you’re like half of the people in North America, it will be a good thing at first.

I googled “symptoms of tapeworm” and got this:

I hope they weren’t Lubbers.

Nope. I’m in Colorado.

A real-life Far Side cartoon. The one where a guy is compiling a list of Things I Have Eaten and eying a moth flying around the lamp. The caption is “Coincidentally, Steve had just reached the letter ‘M.’”

And? How’d they taste?

Mostly like a deep fried salty crunchy snack. Sorta like a Cheeto, without the cheese. Sorta.

Tell you though, they say “pound for pound, more protein than beef.” Well, I’ll stick with the beef. I can’t imagine eating enough of these things to get my daily intake of protein. They’re basically just oddly shaped potato chips, though, as long as you fry 'em crispy.

Hmmm. My sister has eaten several grasshoppers (live). Mostly on a dare, sort of thing. I wonder if she knows about the tapeworms.

You had better hope they’re not like the tapeworms the patients get on House. You’ll be inches from death’s door by morning and bleeding from every orifice, not to mention the flopping about and the boils and the lesions and such.