Should I have a 3some?

Hey dopers,

So I have had an offer from these two women to have a 3some with them…it sounds good but I’m entirely unsure of what’s expected from me lol…anyone got any advice on whether to go on ahead and what the hell to do if I go for it?


Dear Penthouse,
I never thought this would happen to me…

they asked you??? and you are still posting on sdmbs??? this is the ULTIMATE no-brainer… Unless you have deep emotional feelings for one of them that may be harmed (and even if you do) I say “ALL SKATE!”

You should probably try to find a fourth. Then you can play Bridge, or better yet mixed doubles. A threesome pretty much leaves you stuck with things like Monopoly, or Life.

Cut-throat eight-ball pool is an option as well.

Normal life: “CAR!!!”

You’re situation: “Game on!!!”

That is all.



(oh and hopefully a few of you will get the reference :slight_smile: )

okokokok let me explain…the said 3some would happen this weekend, a few days away, hence the postings continue.

Oh and I still have little or no clue as to what’s expected of me…

lol Scylla lol

You bang the two girls.

Why is this so difficult?

Didn’t I see a movie about this? They tie the guy up, cut his throat, and clean out the house… Oh wait, I doubt they would do that to you…

Scream and run like hell if they pull out a blindfold…
What number can they be reached at? Simply for informational purposes of course…

Always remember that, as you get older, you will never again look as good as you do now…

Bearing that in mind,

Do you really want to look back on this when you’re 60 and paunchy and bald and smell like an old man and say…

“Damn, was I nuts? Why God Why did I say NO???”

as you slowly bang your head against the padded cell walls.

{go for it - you have to have something to regret when you get old!}

If you don’t do this, I will hunt you down and do seriously unpleasant things to you on behalf of everyone who’s never had the opportunity.

Seriously, though, if you want to do online research there are a lot of good sex ed websites around, you just gotta dig. It’d probably be a good idea to discuss this with them, though, rather than us.

Don’t you know what it means to become an orgy guy? It changes everything. You’d have to dress different. You’d have to act different. You’d have to grow a mustache and get all kinds of robes and lotions and you’d need a new bedspread and new curtains, you’d have to get thick carpeting and weirdo lighting. You’d have to get new friends. You’d have to get orgy friends.

… Naw, you’re not ready for it.


On the chance that this is a serious question and not just playing around, I’ll give you my serious advice.

Think carefully about it. What do you think and feel of these two people? What do you think they think of you? Why are they making this offer, what’s their interest?

Think about the possibility of diseases and the self-esteem of yourself and your potential partners.

At the very best you can potentially look forward to a fun romp with some friends.

The fact is that more often these things tend not to be very nice.

I nominate this thread for “Stupidest Question of the Year”. Runner ups include:

“Hey, I just won Power Ball, should I cash in my ticket?”


“I’ll just pull this trigger. I’m sure this gun I found isn’t loaded”

Weirddave, that ain’t a question. So what do I win for pointing it out?

The right to stand in front of the muzzle while he performs the test?

lol I’m gettin laid into a bit here!

OK here’s the facts…one of the girls is a good friend, we have kinda had somethin in the past but nothin serious, the other girl is her best friend and they get up to stuff together, I kinda know her and she’s cool so looks like ‘friends havin a fun romp’.

How many dopers out there have done said act and what should I expect? Take it in turns? let them get on with it and switch between them? So many options, so little time…

For all those who think it’s a daft question, the whole ‘should I do it’ is less important than the ‘what do I do when I’m doing it’…

Three words:


Well, I guess I’m still waiting for that to kick in after 20 years, since I turned down a similar offer from two army gals I was at school with, and still doubt I missed much.

Actually, what most of us old guys think when we look back is that no matter how many there’d been, it would never have been enough, so why keep score? And anyway, we probably have a lot more worthwhile regrets than the silly places we stuck our dicks.