Should I join the Masons?

thanks to all for the responses. Although most of you seem to doubt the clarity of your responses, I can identify. When I decided to become “a man of the cloth” I chose a particular religious order by virtue of my familiarity with them and their works more than for an alignment with their stated philosophy. So I know what you mean.

Many people also join the Masons in America because of Freemasonry’s association with the Founding Fathers and such; QUOTE]

Seems like I head once that something like 90% of American presidents were Masons. Can anyone corroborate?


Nope, only about a third IIRC. I think there have been around 15 plus or minus a couple that weren’t Master Masons (seems at least one never went beyond the Entered Apprentice, and Clinton was de Molay but never initiated). Ford was the last Mason to hold the office, I think.

Some Famous Masons