Should I let my 14-year old daughter get thong underwear?

The title says it all…

I don’t really have a problem with thongs, but they seem to me to be about nothing but “sexy”. My daughter is smart, and has exhibited no behavioral signs that she’s thinking about showing anyone her underwear. No boyfriend, we set good rules, etc.

But, I’m all…*something *about it. I don’t think that 7 year-olds should wear eyeshadow, because makeup is to me a way to look more attractive to the opposite sex. As are thongs, right?

So what do you think?

Maybe you should let her know that thongs are not in anymore. Now it’s all about the boy short panty. And it’s way more hygenic and less trashy looking if it’s accidentally seen from behind.

Alice is right. Boyshorts are sexy as shit. If you want your daughter to look REALLY HAWT you’ll buy her those.

Personally, the only kind of underwear I’d wear if my mother purchased it for me is the kind that comes in packs of six from Fruit of the Loom.

I think you’re supposed to say no, she saves up her money and buys them to rebel, you shake your head, and she discovers they’re uncomfortable anyway (because they are!).

Well, I’d say that eye shadow is different because you’re meant to see that. Theoretically no one has to see a thong. Plus if you treat it like just another underwear, she probably won’t see it as sexy undies. Then again I picked up my birth control from my dad’s office when I became sexually active, so…boundaries, maybe, I lack?


Boyshirts are the shit, on women of age, of course.

I’m assuming you mean boyshorts. Though I guess boyshirts can be hot, too…

The nasty thing about thongs, besides a whale tale being on display on a 14 year-old, is that they constantly slide back and forth between anus and vagina. That could mean a lot of costly trips to the doctor, as that causes some urinary tract infections.

Alice is smart to bring up the whale tail. It might cover your daughter’s “tramp stamp,” which is obviously poor form.

Let her. If she’s showing off her panties to boys at school, it doesn’t really matter if it’s boyshorts or a thong or granny panties. I think 14 is old enough to decide what kind of underwear she’d like to wear.

Why does she say she wants them?

Meh. It’s not like you’d be giving her drugs.

I’d say yes, but I’d make her pay for them. And make sure she has the appropriate wardrobe to keep it covered (that is, tops that are long enough and pants/skirts that are high enough to completely cover her rear).

Not 'till she’s 16.

Eh, it’s just underwear. I know women who genuinely think they’re more comfortable, and when I was a teenage girl I was curious enough to have a pair. As long as she isn’t wearing clothing where you can casually see them I don’t see the problem, but I feel that way about all underwear, not just thongs.

Ew, really? They’ve never sounded comfortable to me and I’ve never worn one but I had no idea that they could cause a UTI. Is this common?

Show her your thong, while you’re wearing it. She won’t want any any more. Honestly it’s not a big deal if she wants them or not.

I wear them and for me they are all about preventing VPL rather than the sexy. I don’t think I’d have an issue with my daughter wearing them - but I guess it depends on why she wants to wear them - has she said?

Do I even want to ask what VPL stands for? Also disregard the misinformation about boy shorts being hotter then thongs. The thong combined with mini skirt lingerie is top tier.

At age 14, she is trying to look sexy because that’s well into dating age. If you have no objection to her dating, I can’t see how you object to her trying to attract guys.