Should I Resubscribe Now?

Or wait until the last moment.

It says I have until May 1st. If I resubscribe now, will I lose a good part of the month of April? How does it work?

If you resubscribe now, your renewal takes effect the day after the expiration, so you will lose nothing.



My my. I know the Google Ads revenue hasn’t been especially stellar, but do try to retain your propriety. Everyone will think you’re desperate now.


So are there going to be reduced rates this time around, or any time in the near future? I remember last year it was only $10 for members to renew. I think they did this in April since most of the charter members signed up in April. So if you announced it now a lot of us would probably make plans to renew to take advantage of it. And I really don’t want to sign up in October and have the board institute a “November Sweeps” or something a day later. Because I honestly think that would kill me.

It really would be nice if non-charter renewing members got a bit of a discount, maybe not the charter rate, but at least something for providing content for at least a year.


Regular member rate: $14.95

Charter Member rate: $7.48

For those of you who are Charter Members, your subscription expiration date is on or around April 28, so don’t mess around here.

For the rest of you who are regular members, your expiration dates are scattered through the calendar depending on when you subscribed.

If you are having problems with any of this, please send me an email and we’ll discuss; maybe I can help a little. Don’t hold back, don’t wait, don’t assume.

If you let your subscription expire, there’s very little I can do to help until you pay up. At the full rate.


Don’t you think a reminder email (to those who have requested emails from the board administration) might be in order? Yes, we are grown-ups (well, some of us) who should be able to take care of ourselves and deal with the consequences if we don’t. However, a simple gesture like a reminder to current subscribers that their subscription is about to expire would retain customers who might otherwise forget. It would also reduce the inevitable “how come I lost my Charter Memeber status, waaah!” threads that always follow the lapse date. Any plans for such a reminder?

I say this as someone who has already re-subscribed.

I believe there is a plan to send out a reminder email to all those who have not renewed at a certain time, probably a one-time deal a week or so before the April 28 expiration date.

Not that the last time was very successful; mostly we got complaints. And problems with AOL. A lot of the emails went directly to spam filters and were ignored. I’m not convinced email does any good at all, frankly.

We’re looking at other ways we can get your attention through the month of April. More to come. In the meantime, Have you resubscribed yet?


Yes. Last night. angelic smiley

All the Cool Kids have re-upped. :smiley:

Do you like Cool Kids candy too? I think they’re “cool, cool, cool, yeah”

The really really cool kids reupped for two years last year.

Gah, so even here I am lacking in sufficient coolness? I’d been hoping there’d be kind of a “in the land of the blind…” loophole. Guess not. :frowning:

twicks, I think you’re plenty cool!

sniff Thanks, hon!

I assume that a “charter member” is one that paid when this place first went to paid subscriptions.

Why should I be PENALIZED $7.47 because I didn’t happen to find this place earlier?

Here’s a thought. Maybe, if the powers that be charged the full amount to everybody EQUALLY and FAIRLY, they could afford a decent server that runs faster than a turtle. :rolleyes:

I fail to see why not qualifying for a discount constitutes a “penalty”.

The Reader isn’t going broke; they can afford any hardware upgrade they desire. I suspect they are unwilling to do so because of ungrateful comments like yours. Think of it as a penalty.

Because I have to pay the FULL AMOUNT for the SAME THING you get for $7.48 and for no more reason that you were here when they went to paid subscriptions and I wasn’t. You look at it as a benefit. I look at it as a penalty.

Ungrateful comments? Sorry, but I see it as more along the lines of simply being truthful.

So I suppose you feel you are being penalized a t-shirt because I was at the Padres game when they were giving them out and you weren’t? That kind of attitude will result in you finding Life to be very annoying.