What if I can't afford to re-sub on time?

My subscription will expire at some point this month (I don’t remember exactly when) but unfortunately this is one of those months where even a mere fifteen dollars might as well be a million bucks to me. I do, indeed, plan to resubscribe as soon as financially possible which will probably happen in November, so no worries there. I guess my question is this: Will I lose my whopping post count of 31? (I mean, heck, it took me a whole year to accrue that many!) And will my join date then change to Nov. 07 instead of Oct. 06?

In the grand scheme of life it wouldn’t matter if my post count reverted to zero or if my join date became the month of my late subscription. Frankly I’m just relieved to know that I will be able to resubscribe eventually, even if I can’t afford to do it on time. I guess I’m just wondering, that’s all.

No, the most you’ll lose is the ability to post (and even that is readily fixed by forking over some moolah); all else–user name, post count, profile, previous posts–will remain in place. The only users who need to re-sub by a certain time so as to not lose anything are Charter Members; if they re-subscribe too late, they lose their discounted membership price; otherwise, they can re-sub at the regular price.

Hey, Fiver. I re-upped you. When you are able, you can pass it along. :wink:

Whoa. vetbridge, I’m moved beyond words that are sufficient to express my gratitude at your kindness and generosity. Although it never surprises me that folks here do acts of kindness like this for others, I simply wasn’t expecting it. From my heart, I thank you – and I shall certainly pass it along with you in my thoughts.

Beautiful! Applause!

vetbridge, that was really cool of you.