Account status of members with lapsed subsrciptions?

Just a dumb, quick question:

Say a member accidentally lets his/her subscription lapse for a week/month or so and later renews the subscription. Will his/her username and post count be wiped or will it still be in the database?

I’m just curious.

I intend on “pre-newing” before my due date.

Under the current software configuration, any poster who pays up and and begins to post again should have their original join date and post count displayed. (This may not be true for a poster who left prior to the UBB to vB conversion, but few of them have been returning.)

Titles (“member” or “charter member”) I am not so sure about.

I don’t think it’s happened yet, so we’re not completely sure, but members are supposed to retain all of their attributes (except for Charter status) through a lapse. Certainly, people who didn’t renew still have all of their posts with the correct username attached to them.

Actually, no.

We’re talking two different things here; being registered to the board amd being subscribed to the board.

When you registered to the board, that date is listed and does not change, regardless of your subscription status.

Someone who has been a subscriber and let that subscription expire, when they return, they have a new subscription date, the date they resubscribed. If they had been a Charter Member, they have most likely lost that status, as Jerry isn’t fixing those anymore.

Post count is not affected by changes in subscription . . . except, of course, if your subscription has lapsed, your post count will not be increasing. :slight_smile:

We do not delete screen names of Dopers with expired subscriptions.

You can resubscribe at any time, as over 250 of you have done since the Charter Member cutoff a month ago.

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Seriously, thanks for the heads up. I was just curious.

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