Withdrawal symptoms, or How I was shaking to bad to resubscribe

Oh sure, get me when I’m down. I go to post and what? My membership has expired? (The shaking begins) I check my previous posts, it shows me as a guest (I get a sinking feeling in my stomach) I go to my cp…the option is there to resubscribe (sweating begins) I think about the mortgage (I can feel my heart fluttering)

and I realize I have to type in info accurately to get my fix.


No, really. Some folks need pacemakers, insulin, dialysis…my needs are small. I need this. $14.95 a year for this? No brainer.

Don’t take away my heaven.

There should be a quick subscribe that eliminates having to fill out the info. A big huge, TAKE MY MONEY NOW button that is tied to my dna. How humorous it is for the powers that be to treat this as a choice.

Hmm, wonder how much it’d cost for a lifetime subscription?

Just one soul.

aw hell, typo in the title of the thread.

I haven’t sworn my soul to any diety. It is yours for the taking.

Man, when that happened to me, I thought I had been banninated for some bizarre reason I knew nothing about. Sure, I vaguely realized the time was close for reupping, and I also had faith that I wouldn’t be banned for nothing, and certainly not without warning. But the insecure little girl part of my brain went “NOOOOOOO! They hate me and threw me out of the club and I’ll never be able to post again!!!one” :eek:

Yup. I’m going to have to re-up within a week’s time, and payday is the day my account is due to expire. That there is timing. :slight_smile:

Hmmm… I’m not really using mine, but I was hoping to get a bit more for it. Like never-ending youth and wealth, or blackjack and hookers, something along those lines.

This has reminded me to resubscribe before things get hectic in April. Cheers! :slight_smile: