Should i return this message?

Today, a little envelope was blinking on the screen of my cellphone. I went to messages and it said i had a text messge. I read it and it said call 516-XXXXXXX, important. Should i call this number? does anyone know what area code this is, and (though unlikely) if this is a telemarketer?

Changed phone number - CF

I Googled the number and got the name: looks like a private residence. Try it and see if it’s anyone you know.

Anywho, Reverse Phone Lookup

Removed direct link to actual phone number - CF

The OP of this thread is relatively new here, and so am I. But I seem to recall reading somewhere in a different thread (which forum?) that there’s a policy against posting telephone numbers.

I figure any moment now the moderator will step in and edit that post and inform you nicely about the policy.


sorry then, in advance, to the moderators, i plum forgot.

So did you call it?

I did, it turned out to be my aunt.

You should e-mail a mod and have that number removed, unless you want to risk your aunt getting some prank calls (or worse). Not that I think many Dopers would do it, but you never know. (A few total dipsticks, and all…)

I edited out the phone number in the OP, and the link to the personal information accompanying it in Cessandra’s post.

Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want to see on a billboard outside your house. Or anything someone else wouldn’t want to see on a billboard, for that matter.

thanks Coldfire, i wasn’t thinking when i posted the number.

Sorry Coldfire. I thought it was ok since it was publically available, but I see why I was wrong.