WTF? Text message spam?? Is that what this is?

Yesterday afternoon, I received this text message on my phone:
“U need to learn how to write.”

Um…okay. Important safety tip, thanks Egon.

No return number, and no one outside my hubby knows my cell phone # has text messaging capabilities. And, no one outside my hubby has received a text message from me. And…very few people have my cell phone #.


The only thing I can figure is that it’s the cell phone equivalent to punkass spam–just someone who got a number, doesn’t know who he’s messaging, and leaving some innane comment to be a punkass.

Anyone else have this happen? Anyone know how this happens? (etc)

I figure if it happens again I’ll call my cell phone provider and see what they suggest. Being that it was a benign (to lame), message, it doesn’t bother me…except for the whole curiosity factor. Ideas?

Doesn’t sound like genuine text message junk mail. I regularly get unwanted ads from Carphone Warehouse and Genie (whose unsubscribe feature doesn’t bleeding work), and it’s usually more obvious – either actually selling or leaving a premium rate reply to number to call.

It sounds more like you got a ‘wrong number’ message. That certainly wouldn’t be unheard of.

Derrr. Wrong number…makes sense. Can’t believe that never occurred to me; I get wrong number phone calls often enough on that cell phone.

Except, now I want to know how to make my “return number unavailable.” Gonna poke around on the machine and see if that’s an option.