Should I send this to my ever-critical IT manager?

I work in a place that has an IT manager that never fails to let me know if I’ve done or said something contrary to what he would have done. I like to think that most of the things I do are perfectly considered and measured.

A recent example has inspired me to construct this (albeit heavilly alcoholic) rebuttal.

*"X, We are both Human.

Humans are imperfect and will make mistakes.

I am not you. That means at times I will not make the same choices as you.

You will make mistakes and so will I. Your mistakes will be different than mine.

When I make a mistake where you would have done something differently please understand that I am only human and I am only making one of those mistakes that humans inevitably make.

So please don’t respond to that mistake as if you are somehow a perfect human who does not do things that others will consider a mistake."*

I say look at this tomorrow afternoon and see what you want to do. Give yourself a day to decide. It’s not some time critical complaint. Unless the person is an ass all the time, I don’t think you want to send that.

I think it’s almost certainly a bad idea to send it.

Yeah, it always works in the movies where the hero goes off on the asshole with a devastating monologue, and then the asshole just stands there with mouth agape. Usually, the other people around end up cheering. Sometimes the audience does too.

Life ain’t the movies.


It looks like something an angst-ridden teen would post on LJ and kinda out of place in an email to a manager at work.

Send it if you like. Just don’t be shocked if it gets forwarded to all their mates in the company and everyone laughs about you being a bit of a spanner.

Wow, don’t ever send this. Also don’t ever say it to his face.

God Lord Lobsang how drunk are you?

If you send that you might as well bend over, grab your ankles and ask him to call you “Peaches”. Sending that exposed belly Kumbayah nonsense to an aggressive nit picker and blame tosser is asking for a world class ass fucking.

This is totally right. It is unprofessional and makes you sound like a whiny little child. Don’t send it.

Sending that would be one of those mistakes you are talking about. A human reaction, to be sure, but most seriously a mistake.

hahahaa it’s a drunken whiny haiku about your boss.

No, don’t send this.

Another nay vote here. This is a colleague, not a friend or relative. Your best bet is to remain dignified and professional at all times, and vent only when you’re away from the office.

Totally concur with all the “don’t send it” votes.

I wouldn’t send it. Speaking to him in person would have much more impact. I think I would choose different words as well. Then again, if you screw up a lot, maybe you shouldn’t say anything at all.

Some bosses are nitpicking jerks. The only way to appease them is to accept this fact and continue doing your job. Sending an email such as this will probably result in you looking for another job. By the sounds of it, perhaps you should already be looking.

I’ve been under the gun at work in the last few weeks myself. Hold your head up and take the high road.

I was never going to send it.

This thread was my way of venting without having send that email.
edit: I swear I don’t remember typing this bit: “(albeit heavilly alcoholic)” because it wasn’t.

As another alternative, you could consider hacking him to death with a kitchen knife.

Jeebus man, don’t send it! But if you do hack him to death with a kitchen knife, let me know - I’m after an IT manager role. :smiley:

God no, don’t send it.

People who are capable of seeing the reason in what you have to say wouldn’t be putting you in that position in the first place.

He will not suddenly become receptive to your ideas of fairness just because you had a drunken epiphany.

You have to try another way to get past him.

Maudlin, over-sentimental drunken epiphany that reads like an apology letter or a regrettable bout of drunk dialing. As earnest and wet-behind-the-ears as a freshman at his first bong pass-around and just as deserving of adult consideration. Just Say No.