Should I take a 19 month old to a Wiggles concert?

The Wiggles are going to be in Albany on October 23rd, which is my daughter’s 19 month birthday (not that we celebrate monthly birthdays anymore).

We have a DVD of one of their concerts and I’ve seen a lot of babies younger than her in the audience. She loves the show and follows along with “Rockabye Your Bear” and dances to most of the songs.

My husband and I would love to take her, the cost isn’t that bad (although you have to pay for a child over 12 months old), but I’m afraid the volume of the noise will scare her. Would it overstimulate her since she’s easily excitable?

Just be prepared to leave if necessary, and give it a try. You never know what kids will and won’t like.

I’d take her. We took our then-youngest son to a Raffi concert when he was about that age, and he had a great time. As Mr. Moto suggested, just be prepared to beat feet to the exit if things don’t go well, and chalk it up to experience. Hope you all have a blast!

Now that I think about it, she’s awfully sqirmy lately and doesn’t like to be held. I don’t know if I can trust her to stay in her seat. I may have to re-think this. I’d still like to try it and like you both said, we can just leave if she’s restless or unruly.

It’s 2 months away, so she’s bound to behave differently, to some extent. Whether that’s for the better or worse, remains to be seen.

I have no clue who the Wiggles are, but in general if the music is loud, I would not take a baby to that concert. Hearing damage is cumulative.

That’s one of the things I’m worried about. I don’t know if their concerts are as loud as a “normal” concert would be. I’m hoping to hear from parents who have seen The Wiggles in concert, so I could get some first-hand accounts of what it would be like for a child that age.

I used to take my daughter to the Wiggles every Christmas starting when she was 22 months old. The volume is not too loud. Try for seats near the mosh pit then your daughter can get out of her seat.

She will really enjoy it.

Out of curiosity, how well does she pronounce “Wiggles?”

And ‘sparkling’?

We went to Disney when my daughter was 18 months old. She was asleep and we entered the Lion King show (for the AC, really). She woke up halfways through it and after 12 seconds of confussion, she was jumping and dancing and urging us to clap and sing along. Then again, she is that kind of girl.

You know your baby. How does she react to noisy places, to tons of other kids, to long activities.? OTOH, I am sure that this is a show geared to kids around her age. I am sure it will be broken into pieces with enough changes of pace to keep her into it.

Our boy was just 2 when we first took him to the movies (Cars). He just sat there for the whole thing, barely blinking. Jumping and laughing at all the right times. I was expecting to watch maybe 30 minutes and have to leave. Kids surprise you all the time.

It seems a little ridiculous to take a baby to a concert, even if it is designed for babies.

Take her, take her, take her.

Took mine to several Wiggles concerts from about 18 months up. She had a ball. She also enjoyed other kid-friendly concerts like Kinderjazz and Baby Proms. Check out your local symphony orchestra - ours has special kid sessions called Baby Proms with excerpts from the classics, and the kids get to look at/ touch the instruments after, plus talk to the musicians.

Some kids hate the loud noise, but most enjoy being with other kids and doing/experiencing the same stuff. And getting up and dancing. Aint nothin like a mosh pit of under 4s :slight_smile:

I’m leaning toward taking her. Like I said, she loves to dance and even “sings”, which is more like a monotone babble. Hey, she sings like mommy! I’m sure Grandma will want to go, too. She thinks the blue wiggle is attractive.

Please elaborate, rather than passing judgement. I’m looking for all opinions, with backup reasons for those opinions. That’s why I started this thread. Thanks.

It’s a little like “Wi”.

Oh, nevermind. She hasn’t done much that’s YouTubeable yet.

I prefer Captain Feathersword myself…

As others have said, you know your child. I took Velociraptor to see Robert Munsch, that was a bit of a bomb and we left before the end. Not old enough at the time to sit still and be told stories to for so long without the pictures right there. (I had a blast until he wanted to go though :p)

I’d take him to see the Wiggles, but the nearest they are coming to us is Toronto.

I think not staying in her seat is kinda the point. Don’t worry about it.

The Wiggles are a kid-specific band, one of the biggest in the world. Three of the main four are trained in Early Childhood Studies, and they specifically design their songs and shows for their (pre-school) audience. Trust me, they will not do anything to damage anyone’s child.

Well I don’t have any kids, so maybe I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, but the way I see it is this:

An infant is not really old enough to understand that a concert is a cool special event, and would likely have just as much fun if you threw a Wiggles party at your house and invited some other parents over with their kids. I could see it more for a 3 or 4 year old, but your girl’s only a year and a half.

I think part of it is to get the kid out and about in a different setting. No they are not going to remember it at all, then again I don’t remember seeing Clapton at all either 20 years ago.

I ended up telling my wife about this and now we’re all going to see the Wiggles in November. So if I don’t like it, or I get some song stuck in my head Nutty Bunny I know who to blame!

I took my 6 week old to see the Wiggles! (His older brother was almost three at the time, so it was actually for his benefit.) We were in Australia at the time and they came to our local club, so it was a pretty small venue (about 150 people in the audience). The volume was just fine - my baby slept through the show - and they were certainly prepared for kids to be moving around and dancing, singing along and audience participation were encouraged. Jeff actually came and danced with my son and the kids we were there with. They were fantastic. Plus, since it was just a local show they were doing, it only cost us $15! I vote for going.

The thing is, she’s not an infant. She walks, talks, dances, throws green beans at me and gets “time out”.

If it’s any consolation, I have the theme song in my head right now and I woke up with it in my head. That’s great that you’re going!

Ok. I think we’ll go. She may not remember the show in particular, but we like to have her experience all sorts of different things when we have the chance. She’s been to fairs, a petting zoo, playgrounds, parks, restaurants, malls, and apple orchards and pumpkin patches (ooh, it’s almost time for that again–great photo ops).