Should I walk to Denny's?

Okay, so I tied one on the past few hours, and this is the first time I’ve got this urge in the new neighborhood. The thing is, it isn’t exactly a happy go lucky college neighborhood and frankly I am just as scared of the cops thinking I am up to no good as I am of some local deciding to play the man.

But I sort of want to walk to somewhere to get something to eat?


– I’m really hungry
– It would make me feel happier about the neighborhood


– I could get killed
– I could get picked up for being punk in drublic
– I lost my job and Denny’s would be about $15 for the meal if not more, but their hot wings and buger taste so good!

Fast advie wanted please!

I think you should go. If you can pack some heat that would be good. If you don’t have any, you can still go. Just walk really fast and act you know what you are doing (that is a serious tip for any sketchy area).

The closest thing I have is an Exacto knife – not the best weapon in a gunfight but would hurt you even more than a battle knife! (Mods, not that I am advocating violence or going out with concealed weapons.)

Or I might just order some Papa John’s. Mmmm, chicken strips with buffalo sauce.

Eh, I wouldn’t do it, go for Papa John’s. Cheaper and less risk. I’m a wee bit tipsy and I wouldn’t dare walking the three blocks to Vons, not because of scary people but much scarier cops :eek: . I’ve heard it’s a really nasty ticket too!
Good Luck

I like the less deadly option.

I vote no. Drunk at Denny’s with friends…yes. Drunk at Denny’s alone…no.

Some of my fondest memories of my drunken college days are about staggering to Denny’s in the middle of the night, through a less than savory neighborhood. But we never did that solo.