Should I watch Friday Night Lights (TV)?

I’m currently out of stuff to watch, so I was considering renting Friday Night Lights (the show, not the movie) on DVD. I’ve heard some very good stuff about it.

What do people think? What’s a show that it compares with in terms of quality/theme/writing/etc? Anyone been disappointed, or pleasantly surprised, by it?

Last season, it was the best show on network TV. This year, it’s slipped a little, but it’s still one of the ten best. Absolutely must watch stuff.

The thing about the show is that while it centers on football, it’s not really about football, exactly. It’s small town life in a place where the only real hope is to get out, and how heartbreaking that can be. And the characters are some of the finest crafted on TV in years - Coach Taylor and his wife might be the most realistic portrayal of a couple ever.

I have to agree w/ Raygun99. The show’s first season was one of the finest seasons of any show, ever. This abbreviated second season has had some hiccups but has still been a much higher quality than most of the other dreck on network tv these days.

Be careful though… the show’s episode this past Friday night was the last filmed before the strike and might be the last show ever if NBC doesn’t renew it (they’re not planning on resuming the 2nd season). You’re going to get rather involved w/ these characters and I’ll tell you that it’s not going to be easy to have the curtain come down, possibly forever.