should I write my will soon?

so I smoke cigarettes ,not to many maybe 4-6 a day and lately I can fell like someone was sticking needles into my lungs but after good night sleep it clears away.Then my chest is sunk and I can almost see ribs protruding plus I lost lots of wieght- I’m very skiny.One more thing I’m also vegan( no meat,diary,fish etc)
I want you oppinion Dopers ,does not look to good for me right?maybe cancer? :frowning:

Please see a health professional as soon as you possibly can.

For future reference - Asking medical type questions, especially about real symptoms the OP (original poster) is having is generally frowned upon here.

Almost always the answer would have to be ‘see a doctor’.

Now I’m scared ,are you serious ?Maybe if I quit smoking right now I will be OK?
I asked doctor once about it and he told me if I had cancer there will be no pain and stuff. :dubious:
My skinnines is propably from my strickt diet I think?

Like Lobsang said…see a doc. And ask for a test of your thyriod. Sounds quite a bit like what I went through a few years (and 50 pounds) ago.

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See a doctor.

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And you should write your will anyway. It’s never too early, and some moron might park a truck on top of you while you’re dashing off to see the doctor as instructed above.

Go get a complete and thorough physical to see if anything’s wrong. And yes, write your will. vunderbob gave a good example why that’s important.

Thanks to all of you for sugestions.I will let you know after my check up what wromg with me.
PS. Today I went for a 3 hour bike ride and somehow I feel better.

If you write your will, try and use better spelling. :stuck_out_tongue:

You need a doctor, dude.

Be sure to point out that you are a Cockausian male, as he may have a specific remedy based on that information.

I dunno, sometimes you don’t need a doctor, and all you really need is a good chik-banging.

Hey ! after hard thinking I think you are right :smack: I need some bannging really bad.And that will cure me for good.

Plus, quit smoking.

If I quit smoking ,what my suppose to do all day?
I don’t drink to much and I don’t want to be alcocholic,and my sex life is nonexistent.Somehow smoking keeps me going thru the day.
The first puff in the morning with a cup of good coffe in the hand is beautyfull. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, you could get lost in a good book, for starters.

Like this one, or maybe this one.

You know how hard is to learn foreign langugages when you getting older?English is my third foreign languagage I had to learn and now sometimes all of them confuse me. :confused:
My grammar suck I know, thanks :rolleyes: for your suggestions anyway.

You’re right, that was overly snarky of me, and I didn’t include a smiley in the post above.

Still mono-lingual here.