Should my wife get vaccinated again for COVID?

My wife got the Moderna vaccination (both shots) pretty early on in the pandemic because she works in a public school system. It was given by the local health department but in a gymnasium and not one of their facilities. She has lost her vaccination card. I understand that they were originally supposed to just be a reminder card but it seems that they have morphed into much more than that. The state has a vaccination portal but it can’t find any of her records. It pulls mine up just fine.

Would there be anything wrong with her going and getting a J&J one time vaccination just so that she will have a card for travel purposes or whatever that they might be used for?

I wasn’t sure if this should go here since it is asking for medical advice, kind of, or in the Quarantine Zone because it’s COVID related. Feel free to move as is necessary.

I dont see the harm in getting another shot. May even be benifical, like a booster. And you get a card, which with upcoming variants may be neccesary to get things like passes to not wear a mask at work or passports/visas. Not seeing a downside.

I would speak with a doctor first. It’s possible for the immune system to overreact to another vaccine. Consider what happened to a lot of people who experienced few or no symptoms after shot 1 but more significant reactions after shot 2.

I’d call the person in school district administration who helped to setup the one-off/private shots to give you the name of the person at the health dept that they coordinated with; they would know where to look for records in case the health dept is keeping them separately for public vs. private events; once verifying, they could probably just create a new card for her.

Some info here about getting a replacement card

This is what I would try first.

I also lost my vaccination card but was able to obtain vaccination documentation from my state health department . You may wish to go online with your health department to see if they can provide what you seek.