Should the Jets replace Rex Ryan?

Seems like there is even more infighting and chest puffing within the team this year than last. He doesn’t seem to be able to get control of these guys and get them to take their jobs seriously, like the multi-M dollar athletes they are paid to be. I don’t get the impression that the team respects him or takes any of his threats seriously. He undermined his own authority when he started pushing himself into the media as a clown.

I would say the Jets appear to be coached more like an NBA than an NFL team. The diva players decide what to do and sometimes it’s in line with the coaches desires.


Looks like I’m not the only one who notices this.

Rex Ryan is certainly a blowhard, and I do think that his bluster is something that affects the team he coaches. He still has a pretty solid resume for his brief head coaching career, though. If I were the owner of the Jets I’d give him at least another year to straighten things out.

The whole Tebow thing is just hilariously crazy though. How do you manage that phenomenon?

I’m a Giants fan, not a Jets fan.

Regardless, while I find Rex Ryan (and his whole family) annoying and obnoxious, the fact remains, underneath the bluster, Rex is a solid football man. He definitely knows what he’s doing, in X’s and O’s terms, and has a decent track record with the Jets.

He’ll be under scrutiny this year, and rightly so, but he’s been to two conference championship games in three years- how bad could he be?