Should you give your baby a unique name?

Some children are named Uniquaa

I recently had an Instacart driver named Unique. (Yes, it was spelled conventionally, like the actual English word.)

I think the European countries that have lists of approved names are heading in the right direction. It should be simple and free to get new names onto the list e.g. foreign names. But the various weirdnesses that are all about the parents, not the kid, shouldn’t be allowed.

The Danish pronunciation is closer to the English than the other Scandinavian ones (unless you were excluding Denmark from “Scandinavian”) but even that has a slight kh- rather than k- quality to it.

To my ears, the Spanish pronunciations of Bertha and Martha is much prettier than the English.

Me, too!

Freedom - is the right to call your baby that. Don’t tread on me!


Not a big fan of the /th/ sound, huh? :slight_smile:

My post from a related thread of the days of yore.

I had a car like that once.