Show me the GRINCH!

TLDR: tell me what you have done lately to Grinch it up!

I work in a City Hall with ~50 people. On the top floor there are 3 departments. The planning department was given a big shit-load of gourmet Christmas cookies (as a wink wink nudge nudge from our favorite developer). They immediately labeled it for Planning and Engineering ONLY! What about us poor finance people? They don’t mind sharing OUR food. So?

I put on a pot of coffee, and when it was ready, I Mission Impossibled into the room, got a big cup, filled a few paper towels, and went into my office and closed the door. Sure, they know someone pilfered their cookies, about half of 'em in fact. BUT I have plausible deniability.

Just have to keep cookie crumbs out of my beard and I’m golden.

So, what have you done around the holiday to make it more bearable?

Our office had their Christmas potluck and gift exchange yesterday. Instead of participating I took the afternoon off. I figured that instead of spending money on a crappy generic gift and food for people who make way more salary than I do I would rather buy Timbits for the Personal Support Workers across the street who are on a picket line right now. Their smiles and grateful thank-yous meant way more to me.